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Celebrity Trend: Matching Your Eyeshadow To Your Outfit

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It seems that being matchy-matchy is one of the hottest 2020 trends. From wearing coordinating sets to wearing matching wigs to matching your eyeshadow to your outfit, celebrities are in the mood of embracing their favorite colors RN. Although this practice was considered as uncool among makeup artists, an increasing number of A-listers have hit the red carpet or showed face at an event with a matching eyeshadow. We can’t help but think that celebrity makeup artists are finally giving their stamp of approval to this monochromatic look. You think it’s just us? Scroll down to see the prettiest matchy-matchy makeup and fashion looks delivered by celebrities.

Lucy Hale

celebrity trend matching your eyeshadow to your outfit
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Photo By @kdeenihan/Instagram

The mint green obsession is alive and well among celebrities. Lucy Hale took this trend even further by matching her eyeshadow to the mesmerizing mint green gown. Toned down with dark, smokey hints, this pastel makeup look is both dramatic and wearable.

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