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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Conceal Dark Circles Like A Pro

Do you always look weary, tired, and sleep-deprived? Girls with dark circles get it. Under-eye bags, puffiness, dark spots, and what not! Well, if you take too much stress and don’t take enough time to sleep, the chances are quite high that you will get dark circles. While a few of you might have gotten it from your ancestors, no matter how much you try, they won’t just go away.

But, thanks to the makeup industry and their amazing products that help you to get rid of those irritating dark circles, we have a complete step-by-step guide that will teach you to conceal your dark circles as well as prevent them.

What Are Dark Circles?

People who don’t get much sleep, are always tired, and rub their eyes frequently tend to develop dull and pale eyes. The lack of sleep causes dark tissues and cells beneath your eyes to show up, causing purplish, greenish, or yellowish spots.

Sometimes, it can even cause fluid to build underneath your eyes which results in puffy eyes. While we can always prevent dark circles and even cure them by improving our lifestyle, there’s not much that you can do (except for concealing them) if it’s hereditary.

How to Conceal Your Dark Circles?

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There are thousands of makeup products available on the market that can conceal your dark circles flawlessly, but it takes the right technique and a little bit of knowledge to accomplish this. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to achieve that 10/10 look.

Start By Cleansing

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Well, we don’t think that we have to tell you the benefits of cleansing before applying makeup. We mean, come on, who would like to work on an untidy canvas?

Wash your face thoroughly with your favorite cleanser or face wash. Don’t be too harsh while doing this. The gentler, the better.

Once done, pat dry. Don’t rub your towel over your skin. Always pat dry.

Apply Moisturizer

The next step is to apply moisturizer over your face. Use your regular moisturizer and apply it gently. You can use an under eye cream for your dark circles, eyelids, an inner corners of your eyes, as well.

You can stick to your face moisturizer if it doesn’t burn your eyes.

Prep Your Eyes

Now is the time to bring your primer into the picture. First of all, there are separate primers for face and eyes. We recommend you to invest in both of them.

Apply the face primer all over your face and the eye primer on the inner corners, under-eyes, and on the eyelids. If you have dry skin, go for the one that has moisturizer in it. If you have oily skin, opt for a matte one, while people with dull skin can use an illuminating primer.

You can use your fingers to massage the primer into your skin or you can even use a foundation brush to blend it.

Apply The Foundation

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The next step is to apply your foundation. There’s a little bit of trick that you must know while choosing the right shade of foundation for yourself, as even a one tone wrong shade can spoil your overall finishing look. If you are confused with your foundation shade, here are the 5 Tips to Choose the Ideal Foundation Shade for Yourself.

Apply the foundation using your fingers or a beauty blender or a foundation brush.

Colour Correctors

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A few of us have prominent dark circles that even show up after concealing, and here is when one needs colour correctors. They balance out the discoloration of your face and make it easier to hide them.

Whether you are using a colour corrector or not, you must figure out the right shade of your concealer as well as the corrector. A wrong shade can throw out your makeup ruthlessly.

How To Pick Your Concealer Or The Colour Corrector?

The second most important trick – choosing the right shade of concealer for yourself. It’s not necessary that dark circles are always black, as a few of us might have them in brown, olive, green, or even pale yellowish colours. Hence, how can you expect a single colour to work for everyone?

You must have studied the colour wheel in your school days in of your art classes. Every colour in the wheel complements the one that lies exactly opposite it. For instance, red lies in front of green, which means that you can use green-colored concealer to hide redness.

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Similarly, bluish-green dark circles can be covered using a reddish-orange concealer, purplish dark circles with yellowish-orange concealer, and so on. Once you have figured out the shade of your dark circles, picking up the right concealer gets a lot easier than expected.

Apply Your Concealer

Apply the concealer in a dotted fashion under your eyes, inside the corner of your eyes, on your eyelids, and on any other affected areas over your face. Dab the dots gently using your fingers, and don’t blend it.

You must not blend your concealer, as it might cause dark circles to show up more prominently. We recommend using stick concealers as they have a creamier and more blend-able formula that camouflages your irregularities perfectly.

However, avoid sharing the stick with someone else or if you have oily skin as it might have germs over it that can cause skin allergies or acne breakouts.

Set Your Concealer

The next step is to use a big fan brush to dab loose powder or compact powder over your concealer to make it long-lasting while adding full coverage to your face.

And, you are done! These were the basic steps that you need to follow while concealing your dark circles. However, there are a few expert tips and tricks that can help you master the art of concealing.

Expert Tips & Tricks For Concealing Dark Circles

Apply eyeshadow over your duct area

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The best way to make your eyes look more open and awake is to apply a shimmery eyeshadow over your eyelids and your duct area. The eyeshadow will draw away the attention from your under eye area. Apply eyeliner underneath the eyeshadow.

Look for the labels on your concealer

Concealers come in sheer and opaque coverage. The former gives you a light coverage while the latter will provide a more subtle and in-depth effect. Hence, check out the labels before you pick one for yourself.

Skip the setting powder

If you are using the setting powder to make your makeup last longer, it’s good only if you have oily skin. But, if you are someone with dry skin, skip that powder as it dries out your skin further and makes it appear all cakey.

Highlight your cheekbones

You will love this trick! Apply highlighter over your cheekbones to enhance your dark circles. The shimmery highlighter will throw light on your under-eye area, veiling your dark circles perfectly.

Eat well, sleep well

The final and the most important one – revise your daily schedule and make time for yourself. Eat healthily, sleep tight, and you will see all those dark circles diminishing over time. 

That was all about dark circles and how you can conceal them. We hope you found this guide useful and would follow it to get rid of those irregularities. Above all, you must take care of your skin by eating right and exercising daily.

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