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How to Hide Dark Circles with These Easy Eye Makeup Hacks

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Guest Contributor: Kathy Mitchell

We live in a world where we have to work quite a lot to earn a decent living, so it makes sense that we do not get enough sleep. The lack of rest is particularly obvious in women who have reached a certain age, with common signs including under-eye puffiness and dark circles. The good news is that you can easily hide these signs of tiredness, of course, with the help of makeup. Find out how with these essential hacks.

Foundation followed by concealer

No matter how well the concealer might hide your signs of tiredness, you have to apply foundation first. This will help you achieve a uniform complexion, hiding minor imperfections, blemishes, and areas of excessive pigmentation. By applying foundation first, you will use less concealer to hide the dark circles. If the concealer comes first, the application of foundation, if not applied carefully, might remove it from the skin, thus failing to serve its purpose.

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