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BH Cosmetics’ Fun Palettes To Choose From This Spring

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It should be no surprise how much we love makeup here at VIVA GLAM Magazine. When we look for palettes, we look for versatile colors that can give us both bright looks and also neutral daytime looks. That’s what we find when we open BH Cosmetics’ palettes.

Here at VIVA GLAM Magazine, we are big fans of BH Cosmetics, as they help you be yourself! BH Cosmetics lets you be uniquely you with bright colors and bold statement makeup. You will have no trouble finding that perfect bright-colored eyeshadow that truly brings out your eyes and tells everyone how you are feeling when you put it on. But, on the contrary, you can find your neutral hues for those days where you want to be lightly chic.

Here are our favorite BH Cosmetics palettes:

The Ultimate Matte

The Ultimate Matte Palette offers 42 shades of richly pigmented, vivid bright colors, softer hues, and more neutral tones. It’s offers almost all the matte colors you could ever need in one place.

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