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A Closer Look At The Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Numbers

Many have encountered them, yet so few have really noticed them, and even fewer have really understood them. Sure, everyone had math in school and has to use numbers in their everyday life, either for cooking, calculating a retail price, or just for work, but in the plethora of numbers that surround us some of them have a deeper meaning than simply showing a quantity of something. Some have a place with the divine and spiritual

The Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, endless numbers such as Pi, all can be, and are, interpreted in many ways besides a sterile mathematical definition, though few have as much spiritual meaning as angel numbers. What they are and what they mean for us – that is the question that needs to be answered.  

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How Numbers Affect Us

Numbers are as abstract as they are real – adding two rocks next to three rocks will give us five rocks, yet looking at it from another angle those are simply rocks on the ground, forming no different group than when they were placed a bit further from one another. The numbers attributed to them were from the beginning only in the human mind. But even when they are placed next to each other they can be used to be divided into smaller parts, equal and unequal, making something that can be stretched almost to infinity. 

The connection goes a long way back, between science and numerology, and it has been a rough relationship. Today, most mathematicians will lift their noses at the very thought of numbers having any meaning, yet many of their predecessors in the field have made great discoveries under the notion of the symbolism of numbers. 

What’s more, there are still great minds in the modern world that try and explain this deeper connection of numbers and humans, from proving god to predicting the future. 

A Magical Touch

In numerology, numbers are said to carry a specific energy vibration, which can’t be seen or heard, but can sometimes be felt intuitively. Angels are said to exist at different vibrational energy frequencies to us, so if you have a feeling they are trying to convey a message to you, you better find out everything you need to know about angel numbers. A message from the heavens is hardly going to come in the form of an SMS, so paying close attention to your surroundings for “hidden” meaning (which is actually meant for you) may be one of the most important practices to learn in a lifetime. 

It is difficult to explain these things in “human” terms, as the divine is above and beyond people in so many ways, that everyday language is simply not powerful enough to convey all the messages we might be destined to receive. That’s why numbers have a role as a “universal language”, though even through them, it can be difficult to contact someone if they’re not paying attention. 

Angel Numbers

If you’ve ever seen a reoccurring number around you that made you stop and think, it might have been an angel number. If you’ve ever felt a deeper meaning in a sequence of numerals, it might have been an angel number. If you’ve ever had vision or dreams about numbers – it might have been an angel number. 

Though visually only digits on a clock or in a phone book – we see them every day, they don’t produce the same effect on us always. Looking back on how, angels are supposedly beings that function on a different wavelength to us – so would communicating with them be similar. If they were to try and reach out to us via some messages, they should feel different than usual and should light a spark in our intuition.

Not paying attention causes us to miss a few of them, though one would have to be completely oblivious not to notice a pattern or to feel something is different when they have time to reflect back. The language of angels may be foreign to us, but at least we share a common knowledge of numbers.

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Associated Objects 

Numbers do not necessarily have to appear as written down symbols, such as a phone number or a street sign, they can be interpreted in the form and quantity of other physical objects too. The symbolism of certain minerals and precious stones is also important in major life events, and adding the weight of number symbolism to them gives us a powerful basis to interpret the world around us in greater depth than the merely physical. 

Life on Earth sees a natural pattern in how the seasons come and go, how creatures come to life, age, and pass away, leaving their substance to ancestors to thrive. Philosophers and mystics have long thought about this process, finding out how these cycles came to be, and what they mean for the future.

Out of these thought processes they have singled out certain objects that have had a major impact on people, signs such as the cross, in its various forms, and precious stones – that do not age but only witness the passing of human life. These objects are powerful and can be a tool for understanding angel numbers. 

Spiritualism and Religion

All major religions agree on the existence of angels, the helping hands of a Creator, that oversee humans and guide them in an hour of need. Communicating via numbers, they probably try and give relief to those who are suffering, or guidance for those who are lost or are facing difficult choices. 

It may not be a singular guardian angel that is watching over you, but if a higher being were to try and contact you – it would probably be wise to listen to them, as best as you can. Ignoring that one sign that you were feeling funny about might mean the difference between success and catastrophe in life. 

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There are numbers all around you. Some are very straightforward, such as the price of a store item, while others are a bit vague, like the number of cats that cross your way, or the number of shooting stars you notice. And though keeping notice of all of that may be too much for most people, a certain gut feeling about what is right might be the sign that is directed specifically towards you.

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