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Signs that You’re In a Toxic Relationship

Building relationships with other people is an essential part of life. People form strong friendships that make life healthier and happier. However, some friendships can be more harmful than useful. Therefore, it is important to note signs that the relationship is toxic (whether it is with a friend or a lover- this really applies to both).

Below are the signs that you have a toxic friend, even if you haven’t noticed it.

  1. They always tend to focus on the negative side of things

Friends share the ups and downs of their lives with each other. However, the toxic ones tend to only talk about the bad things without seeing any silver lining.

They tend to ignore the positive, and try to bring you down. It is important for you to help them with their problems, but also you have to make sure that it is not affecting you in a negative sort of way.

  1. Never listen to any of your problems

They always call you when something goes wrong, but they never seem to have time for you when you are the one with a problem. You cannot find them anywhere when you need their help. Friends who do this make you feel more alone than you realize.

  1. They are quick to point out your shortcomings

Honesty is important in any relationship, and friendships are no exception. However, when honesty becomes a relentless criticism of everything you do, it is the moment when the relationship becomes toxic. If you find yourself unable to speak to your friend because you are afraid that he will point out everything you did wrong, instead of offering his support, it’s time that you reevaluate your bond with that person.

  1. They get angry with you easily

It is perfectly normal to experience some friction and have fights in relationships. Toxic friends always seem to get angry with you for the smallest things you do. Any fight leaves you feeling guilty and apologetic. Friends like these are toxic because they are not able to solve problems in a mature way.

  1. They are not happy about your success

Friends who do not appreciate your success and celebrate with you are friends who are a source of toxicity in your life. People who love you will be happy when they see your happiness. It is important that friends be happy for each other and celebrates each other’s good fortune, in order to maintain a healthy and supportive relationship.

  1. They only want to talk about themselves

Friends like these always seem to be talking only about their accomplishments. They never think about asking you about you or your life, and it seems like they really do not care. Friends like these are harmful because they make you feel that you are not important.


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