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6 Crystals to Use for Courage and Overcoming Fear

Day to day, as we go through our regular routines, we both give and receive energy. If we don’t work with this energy or cleanse our energy fields we can become physically, spiritually, and emotionally sick.

Stress and fear are pretty omnipresent in everyone’s lives, but the following crystals will definitely aid in easing the pain from it all.


Black Tourmaline is an essential stone to have. Not only is this stone super grounding, but it also blocks out and absorbs negativity, leaving room for positivity and confidence! Make sure to cleanse this stone often, as too much energy will cause it to break in half or crack. Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root (Red) Chakra.


There are many types of Goldstone but Red Goldstone is particularly energizing. It is a stone that actively protects against negative and unwanted energies. In addition, because it is associated with the Root (Red) Chakra, it enhances stability, especially in the face of fear or nervousness.


Carnelian just might be my favorite stone to work with. I suffer from extreme anxiety and I’m always feeling afraid so naturally I am drawn to the ultimate stone of courage. Carnelian stimulates the Sacral (Orange) Chakra to help you achieve all that you desire. It also gives a nice boost of confidence.


Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold”, is a wonderful stone to work with when dealing with a lot of fear, anxiety, or nervous energy. It is associated with the Solar Plexus (Yellow) Chakra and helps calm it down because it is such a grounding stone. Sleeping with Pyrite under your pillow or on your bed stand can protect you from having nervous of fear-related dreams. Pyrite also strengthens the will.


Malachite is a nice contrast to this group of gemstones. It helps with courage and overcoming fear in a more sensitive and emotional way. Malachite is a very calming stone with very protective energies. Because it is less energizing and associated with the Heart (Green) Chakra, it is also a great stone to put under your pillow at night for extra relaxation and healing.


Titanium Quartz, or Flame Aura Quartz, is the ultimate healing stone because it is associated with every chakra. It works with and cleanses each chakra and rids the aura of any lower negative vibrational energy. This high frequency stone can turn fear into excitement!

Try adding these crystals into your daily routines, whether you are holding them during meditation or wearing them around your neck at work. Let us know if they work for you!

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