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6 Crystals to Use for Courage and Overcoming Fear

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Day to day, as we go through our regular routines, we both give and receive energy. If we don’t work with this energy or cleanse our energy fields we can become physically, spiritually, and emotionally sick.

Stress and fear are pretty omnipresent in everyone’s lives, but the following crystals will definitely aid in easing the pain from it all.



Black Tourmaline is an essential stone to have. Not only is this stone super grounding, but it also blocks out and absorbs negativity, leaving room for positivity and confidence! Make sure to cleanse this stone often, as too much energy will cause it to break in half or crack. Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root (Red) Chakra.


black tourmaline - viva glam magazine - crystals - iridescent scarab

Black Tourmaline
Photo Credit: Positive Health


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