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50 Vegan Influencers to Follow on Instagram

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We searched Instagram for you. Now all you need to do is choose your favorites and follow them!

The plant-based movement has taken the world by storm, with more people becoming vegan and staying vegan every day. We all know a change in diet can sometimes lack variety or inspiration; this is where food bloggers and influencers can help you!
From plant-based and raw-food bloggers, to major chefs and restaurants, here are the best ethically-sound, sustainability-minded, meat-free vegan Instagram feeds that everybody should follow.

1. Samira Kazan – @alphafoodie

This amazing vegan influencer loves to create healthy recipes. Her favorite thing is encouraging people to try to add a little bit of color to their meals.

2. Minimalist Baker –

This amazing recipe Instagram account shows you how to make great meals with 10 ingredients or less.

3. Heather Grace – @veganeatsoxford

Heather uploads her homemade vegan meals in order to show all kinds of variety that you can have eating plant-based every day.

4. Accidentally Vegan UK – @accidentallyveganuk

Here you have a valuable collection of every accidentally vegan product available on the market.

5. Yes, It’s All Vegan – @yesitsallvegan

This account provides a valuable service: they try every restaurant, food stand, and new vegan product so you don’t have to!

6. Vegan Eats Please – @veganeatsplease

Don’t worry about going crazy searching in different blogs: here’s a collection of recipes all under one roof.

7. Vegan Body Building – @veganbodybuilding

If you want to follow a #fitspo and #veganlover account, then this is the best one for you.

8. Sean O’Callaghan – @fatgayvegan

The author of “Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink and Live Like You Give A Shit” is on Instagram ready to bring you only the best vegan news, events, and recipes.

9. – Adele – @veganBurd

Adele is ready to show you how vegan food can also taste incredibly delicious. This Glasgow-based influencer will make you crave vegan waffle sandwiches, fry-ups, and deep-fried pizzas.

10. Lucy Watson – @lucywatson

Lucy has a glamorous Instagram where she updates her followers on new vegan ventures. If you want to learn how to embrace the vegan lifestyle, then she’s your gal.

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