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How to Wear Colorful Pants and Not Die Trying

Colorful pants are in: skinny, culottes, flared, high-waisted or any stylish new pair of jeans for that matter. Colorful pants are among the favorites of Kendall Jenner, Olivia Palermo and Sofia Vergara, and this is no coincidence! As garments, they are ideal for assembling ultra-feminine and distinctive looks; but there are some styling rules that will allow you to shine, instead of turning you into the object of strange looks.
The range of trendy pants colors includes greens, burgundy, scarlet red, turquoise, indigo, Millennial Pink and Gen Z yellow, so, take advantage of all these colors at your disposal.

Basic Garments

One of the simplest ways to combine colorful pants is to do so with with a white, black flannel or sailor-striped top since this combo creates a visual contrast that “breaks” the saturation. In order to not clash, and according to the occasion, choose between flats, heels or sandals of minimalist style.

Hipster Style

For all those who want to look perfect (but also love to pretend that it took very little effort), this is the way to go as you can embrace a very chic street style. For example, pair your colorful pant with shirts that have a feminist slogan or a graphic T; add a faux-leather jacket or an XL sweater and white sports shoes. This will be all you need.
Another way to wear colorful pants and look sophisticated is by choosing a pair that is more dull; then, resort to those “all-terrain” garments like a structured blazer or a white shirt.
If you are not afraid to risk a little more, then look for a top of the same pattern as or with a complementary color to your pants. To give it the final touch, a striking accessory, such as a necklace, a fanny pack or a pair of sunglasses will do.

Bring Black Shirts and Black Shoes into the Mix

Black marks the contrast of colored pants and goes with most colors. Pair your colorful pants with a nice black blouse.

Try a Blazer

A camel, white or black blazer will look perfect with cobalt blue, red, pink or other bright colored- pants. This will compensate the shine of the pants and it will give you a more professional work style.
Consider pulling the sleeves of your blazer up to two or three centimeters to create a three-quarter sleeve. Under it you can wear a white or a neutral-colored shirt.

Nothing can go Wrong with a Classy White Shirt

A simple white shirt will be the classic “look” when it comes to wearing colored pants. To make it look much more “preppy”, put on a matching crew neck sweater.


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