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How To Design A Bedroom With Breathtaking Boho Decor

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home and should be a reflection of your personal style. When it comes to choosing a theme you want to decorate your room with, there are plenty of options out there- from minimalist decor to elegant, luxury bedrooms, trying to find out what resonates with you can be half the battle.

Boho bedroom decor can mean different things to different people, and when it comes to revamping your space there aren’t too many fixed rules for getting it right. Boho decor refers to more rustic, hand-made looking items that are slightly imperfect but have plenty of personalities. Boho decor can also be influenced by other cultures and their various design aesthetics, so there’s a lot of space within the theme itself to get creative.

From finding the best mattress to use alongside embroidered bedsheets and vintage accessories, to figuring out the right cultural influences to draw from, here’s a surefire way to find boho decor that’ll leave you with the room of your dreams.

How to find the best mattress for a boho bed

The bed is the focal point of your bedroom furniture, and when it comes to boho decor, it requires a little extra love. It goes without saying that the best mattress for your bedroom should be as comfortable as possible.

The best mattresses for boho bedrooms require a little extra consideration than usual. There are additional factors to consider – since boho bedrooms usually involve a lot of additional decor in the form of rugs, hanging fixtures, it does increase the chance of dust and other external debris getting trapped in larger surfaces a lot quicker.

When looking for bedroom sets, it’s important to keep in mind the overall theme and aesthetics of your room. A boho bedroom set would include a distinctive headboard with intricate designs or patterns, along with unique nightstands and dressers with a vintage touch.

The best mattress should, therefore, be hypoallergenic, so as to ensure there’s no risk of you getting the sniffles right as you’re preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep. The best mattress for your bed is also going to remain relatively risk-free in terms of ease of clean, so look out for beds that have been made with your convenience in mind.

Using lighting to add comfort to your space

Adding string lights over your bed or in your bedroom can give it the cozy, snug feeling that most boho bedrooms seem to evoke. When shopping for lighting for your bedroom, remain especially mindful to keep away from anything that is too harsh, strong, or takes up too much space amongst your bedroom furniture.

For boho bedroom decor, the best kind of lighting for your space is usually going to be warmer toned, softer fixtures, so that you get a more subtle, intimate space in your bedroom. Try placing lighting around the headboard of your bed, draped around the ceiling, or even by your windows for maximum impact.

Mixing patterns and textures for stronger impact

If you love color in your bedroom, then boho decor is perfect for you. Even the best mattress can be improved with some fun patterned bed sheets. Introduce various patterns and prints by adding throw pillows and blankets for some added interest in your space.

Another way to add an extra layer of prints and patterns in your desk is by using curtains, rugs, and other interest pieces in your space you can introduce a little bit of your personality with. Bedroom rugs are definitely a trademark feature of boho decor and are a classic example of where you might be able to introduce some patterns without it overtaking your entire room.

Introducing natural materials and textures to your bedroom

Structural pieces in a boho bedroom definitely require more natural materials to be used in their construction. Try finding bed frames, lamps, and even nightstands made out of natural shades of wood, or if you want a more refined look in your bedroom, try something like vintage brass or copper for that rustic look.

A word of caution when shopping for these pieces – the care instructions that they might come with can often be tricky, which is why it’s best to ensure they’re not going to cost more to maintain than they were to purchase.

You don’t want to have invested in the best mattress possible without ensuring the bed frame you have doesn’t do anything to damage it, so be extra diligent about this as you’re making purchases.

Spruce up your bedroom with a few plants

No boho bedroom is complete without the addition of a few plants to add to your space. Plants add an often much-needed touch of nature to your space. A lot of bohemian practices also reiterate the need for something living in your room for good energy.

If you’re not too gifted with a green thumb, you might wish to opt for plants that are more low-maintenance, such as succulents or cacti. Using hanging planters or getting a little creative with your pot patterns can add an element of fun and interest to your bedroom.

Since boho decor and bedroom furniture is all about maintaining positive energy and space, using plants to help with this is a no-brainer when it comes to achieving the style and quality you desire.

Deciding to decorate your bedroom with a boho theme in mind comes with a lot of exciting options. Taking the time to do a little planning and figure out which direction you want to go in with your bedroom will make the actual set -up of your room that much easier.

Boho decor is all about experimenting with various patterns, materials, and ultimately, creating a space so comfortable you don’t really want to leave. Finding the top rated mattress you can for the job, ensuring you’ve picked out plants that won’t wilt the very next day, and ensuring your bedroom furniture looks good together are all part of this process.

Ultimately, opting for a boho theme when decorating your space can help with personalizing your space and filling it with things that provide you positive energy. Whether that be the bed sheets to cover the best mattress for your space with or the other elements of bedroom decor that tie your space together – going in with a plan and being conscientious about your purchases will get you that much closer to the boho bedroom of your dreams.

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