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Winter Vacations in Kirchberg

More and more people are visiting the Kirchberg area in recent years, and it makes perfect sense because we are talking about a truly magical place. Many of you will have heard it for the first time, but it is one of the most famous resorts in the Alps. Of course, the most famous is the city right next to it, Kitzbühel, which is only 6 km away from Kirchberg. These two cities share and benefit from the considerable ski resort “Kirchberg / Kitzbühel”, which hosts thousands of ski friends and more every year.

The Kirchberg area

Kirchberg is a village of 5,000 inhabitants right next to Kitzbühel. It combines classical Tyrolean architecture with some medieval houses, several farms in the area, and new buildings that retain the element of wood and blend harmoniously with the whole. It takes its name from the church on the hill in the centre of the village (Kirche = church, Berg = mountain). On the other hand, most of it is flat and convenient for travel. Kitzbühel is just 10 minutes away by train or bus. Halfway there is the natural lake Schwarzsee which in winter also serves as an ice rink. There is a regular train and bus service which is free for hotel guests in the two cities.

The ski resort

The Kirchberg / Kitzbühel ski resort is one of the best globally, with distinctions each year for both it and the company that manages it itzKitzski¨ (Kitzbühel Bergbahnen). Although the altitude of most slopes does not exceed 2,000m, the slopes (not all) have guaranteed snow from mid-October until early May. They do this with both artificial and natural snow that they store in snow tanks during the winter. If you are a fan of skiing, we definitely recommend you visit this location to enjoy its excellent facilities and spend endless hours on its vast slopes. You can book a very economical and advantageous accommodation package in the area, trusting the company Erna Low that specializes in creating complete packages of offers, undertaking for you all the necessary actions.

The Nightlife / Après-Ski

An essential element of a winter vacation in the Alps is apres ski. Tourists in the Alps, especially those in prolonged stays, provide a reasonably large base for this type of entertainment. Specifically, in Kirchberg, you will see tourists having their breakfast at 07:00, jumping on the buses at 8:15, skiing until 13:00 at the latest and then indulging in their second favourite sport, the après -ski activities.

The ski resorts, above and next to the slopes, have countless chalets and particular areas with bars and music where until 16: 00-17: 00 people drink and have fun without end. Needless to say that they continue down to the village with 4-5 small Apres-Ski Bars that operate until 21:00, but also later in the Apres Ski Clubs until 4-5 in the morning usually. The 4 largest in Kirchberg are the Eisbar, the Kleiner Tiroler, the Schatzis and the Fuchsloch. In the village, there were open concerts and parties in the village square almost every week in the past. Of course, you can visit Kitzbuhel at any time to have fun since it is essentially next door.

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