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How To Prepare For Your Boating Trip Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

After many months of staying at home because of the pandemic, you might’ve had thoughts of spending a day on the water. Besides, it’s said that being near water can make anyone happier. The idea of the sun warming over your skin, sea gushing in front of you, and wind blowing through your hair could possibly make you and other people’s day a lot better. 

If you’re looking forward to a boat trip and spend a day on the water, this post will highlight how safe a boating trip is during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease-2019) pandemic and a few things you’ll need to prepare and be aware of. 

The Safety Of Boating During The Pandemic

As the health protocols in the United States ended up putting travel plans and social gatherings on hold, people began searching for safer options to have fun. And boating seemed to be among the most common choice. But, will it be safe?

It turns out that boat outings became a particularly engaging activity among families during the pandemic. Not only that it’s fun, but it also promotes social distancing since they’re only boarding with their family members. Especially for those living near sturdy waters on American coastlines, boat trips seemed like an excellent escape. And the more agreeable news is that some experts think it’s safe, as long as the folks involved take the health precautions on board with them, too.

Moreover, going for a boating trip might demand more preparation. One example is if you’re still inexperienced with boats. In this instance, you might need to pass a boating license test similar to the Florida boating test on This and more preparations would be required. Hence, continue reading below the few steps to make to most in your upcoming boating trip.

How To Prepare For The Actual Boat Trip 

If you’ve marked your calendar for an unforgettable boat trip during this ongoing pandemic, you’ll need to be ready. So, without further ado, here’s how:

  1. Consider Where You’ll Go Boating

As most states reopen at a slow pace, you’ll need to consider where you’ll go boating. There could be restrictions in the area of your choice that you weren’t aware of. One example is for those who wish to go boating in Chicago. In there, the passenger count shouldn’t exceed the state’s mandated rules. Boaters will need to adhere to their trip destination state’s guidelines.

  1. Learn All You Can About Your Chosen Boat

If you own a boat and you’re knowledgeable of all the parts of your vessel, you may skip this step. But if you’re only renting one and you’re sailing it yourself, it might be best to read up on the functions of the many parts of your chosen mode of transport. 

It’s essential to know the parts of a boat, so you’ll know which buttons to press on its control dashboard, which parts to take note of, and what to do during the whole boat trip. In addition, there’s a glossary of terms you must be knowledgeable of when you’re navigating the waters to communicate effectively with other sailors via radio. Try to learn as many concepts as you can so you’ll be fully confident about operating the boat. 

  1. Keep Your Travel Group Small

For a safe trip amid the pandemic, only go on a boating trip with your family or with people within your quarantine ‘bubble.’ Likewise, keep in mind the regulations of your boating location. Many states and cities have imposed limits on the number of persons who can congregate in a single group. Even aboard a boat, the same regulations apply. Therefore, it’s suggested that you go on the trip with the same group of people you practice social distancing with.

  1. Ensure That Everything’s Sanitized Before Pushing Off The Dock

It’s highly preferable to use your own boating gear to minimize the risk of viral transmission via common surfaces. However, if you don’t have your own boat, be sure the equipment you’re borrowing has been thoroughly sterilized. Before and after each journey, surfaces should be cleaned.

Moreover, prepare hand sanitizers so you can disinfect your hands if you come into contact with any common surfaces such as the boat’s rails. If renting a boat is your sole choice, inquire about the company’s cleaning methods. You may also use your own disinfectant to wipe the surfaces once more before taking the traveling vessel offshore.

  1. Examine And Monitor Each Passenger’s Health

It’s essential to make the same considerations while boating as you would when leaving the house during the pandemic. If one prospective passenger is experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or has been exposed to the virus in the last 14 days, it might be best for them to remain at home. Similarly, if you’re embarking on a boat trip with anybody other than your family, it’s recommended that you evaluate the risks entailed by allowing them to join your group.

Wrap Up

When you’re on a boat trip, you’ll get to enjoy the serenity and fresh breeze of the open water. The tranquility could also be a key to forget about the possible woes of the pandemic. If you’re planning to go boating in the coming months, keep in mind the few steps above to make the most of your trip without jeopardizing the health and safety of you and your company. 

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