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Hill Stations Travel Tips for College Students

Trips to hill stations can be extremely fun. Chilly weather, cozy quilts, winter boots, amazing jackets and so on and so forth. It does sound fun, and it is fun in reality as well.

However, few things can be really tricky for college students, such as packing the right things, carrying the right kinds of apparels, and other important stuff.

College students who are planning and scheduling a trip to the hill stations need to be extremely careful about the things they carry, the things they eat, the dress they wear, the places they go and so on.

Here are a number of travel tips for college students who are willing to visit hill stations.


Planning is an extremely important and essential part of any trip. Especially for college students, it is important to plan and schedule the trip to the hill stations. Plan out everything starting from the places you want to visit, the activities you wish to do, the hotels in which you want to stay, the sightseeing spots, the best places which you cannot afford to miss, the dishes you want to try, to the things you need to pack to fully enjoy the trip.

Planning helps students stay organized and scheduled during the entire course of the trip. As a result of this, none of the travel attractions are missed out. Just as students let term papers for sale, you have to make plans so that you can travel without any kind of stress and anxiety.

Warm Clothes

This is not really a surprise. When students are planning a trip to the hill stations, warm clothes and quilts and other warm stuff are a must. Even if the students are traveling during the summer season, there will be a significant drop in the temperature in the hill stations.

Therefore, if you have no plan of freezing and spending the vacation conjuring fever and cough, you better carry a number of warm clothes and stuff.

However, make sure to slay your fashion statement in those warm and fuzzy jackets and sweatshirts along with the winter boots. They are an absolutely exquisite combination that you ought to try out during your trip to hill stations.

Emergency Kit

Emergency kit is a must-have when you are packing your luggage. You simply cannot afford to forget the emergency kit which ought to contain medicines, first aid box, and napkins and so on.

Make sure that your first aid box contains medicines for the most common problems prevailing in the hill side such as fever, body aches, diarrhea, and skin allergy and so on.

In addition to that, as it is better to stay safe than sorry, carry some pepper powder in your emergency kit, just in case you are exposed to some kind of danger. Just the way students ask teachers to ‘take my online class for me’, you have to ask your friends to do the same when going for a trip to the hill stations.


Hill stations are absolutely synonymous with different kinds of activities such as trekking, mountain climbing and so on. If you want to take part in these exciting and adventurous activities, then you need to make sure that you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes, which are not slippery. The non-slippery factor is a prerogative especially when you are travelling to a hill station, as this kind of travel involves snow and rain, which can be problematic if you do not have a good pair of shoes.

In addition to that, the comfort level is also highly important in this case, as visiting hill stations involves a lot of walking and climbing, which can lead to sore feet if you do not wear a comfortable pair of shoes to the trip.

Carry Plastic Bags and Umbrella

Rain and sleet are extremely common phenomena in the hill stations. Therefore, what you need to do is stay prepared to experience heavy rainfall. If luck favors, you can escape that, otherwise it is almost fixed. The first and most important thing that you need to pack in your luggage is therefore, a sturdy umbrella.

In addition to that, make sure that you are carrying a number of spare plastic bags so that you can use them to protect your electronic gadgets and other essential items from getting wet. Cover the items with a plastic bag and you are good to go. You can travel without any form of stress regarding raging rain and even sleet. Just the way you take help from Unifolks, take help of plastics to protect your items.

Carry Cash

It indeed sounds pretty old school. However, if you are visiting a hill station with your fellow college peers, then you need to be old school. It is a basic necessity to carry cash, because there can be a number of issues with the ATMs. You can also have a number of network issues especially when you are traveling to a hill station.

Therefore, other forms of online payment can prove to be a complete failure. In such cases, you will be the person who will face a lot of harassment, and nobody really enjoys being harassed, especially when going for a trip with other college students.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, carry cash and pay for your things easily. In addition to that, carrying cash will also keep your stress and anxiety at bay as you can be prepared for every situation that involves payment.

Power Bank

Phones have become an essential part of every life of college students. They love taking photos, videos, Instagram reels and so on. This is the reason for which, phone batteries are extremely important for every youngster.

When college students make a trip to the hill stations, they tend to take a number of pictures and videos which they consider to be important for the purpose of keeping the memories of the trip alive. It is impossible to keep your phone adequately charged especially when you are using it throughout the day in an extensive manner.

Therefore, this is an extremely important tip for every college student who goes for trips to hill stations. Carry a power bank so that you can easily charge your phone anytime and anywhere.

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