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Will Video Dating Become the New Normal?

When physical connections are limited, such as they are during the Coronavirus restrictions, people start looking for new ways to interact with each other. This comes out of necessity, and it explains the current increase in online dating that we are seeing now. 

Considering the present situation, we should redefine the perfect places to meet your other half. Meaning, the only way we can really meet our dates is via online portals. When deciding on the best platform to use for online dating, first, you should research the best hookup apps.  Then, create your profile and see what happens. 

The forced lockdown has pushed millions of people to download dating apps, simply because it’s the only real way people can currently interact with each other. You see, we as human beings are programmed to feel depressed without human interaction. In fact, interactions are important in dealing with our daily tasks and they are essential in getting through some bigger problems. Considering the current situation of the pandemic, it is no wonder why people are more and more active on dating apps. If you need it spelled out for you, here is why you should choose to virtually interact with others. 

Quarantine & chill 

We are all human beings with the same needs;  most of us are just looking for a connection. With the thought in mind that we might not be able to meet physically for months, video dating has been given a new, fresh look. Before it was considered a risky, questionable way of starting a relationships. These days, it really should be redefined. Currently, with online social platforms, there are over 20% more online conversations and they are 25% longer than normal. This is an enormous change in the world of communication. Online dating has become a great authentic relation builder in spite of the separation. After all, dealing with isolation through technology is key for millions to keep their social life alive. 

A cure for anxiety

Think about how anxious you get when first meeting your date in person. It is totally normal to be scared of this type of situation. People panic, get insecure and even depressed. And in our current state, being lonely definitely does not help with anyone’s mental condition. Many people’s main reason for video dating is to share thoughts and support for each other in these hard times. And perhaps it makes dating just a little easier.  Finding understanding with people who deal with the same problems can lower anxiety and help to gain new hope. 

A relationships saver

While some couples are stuck with each other 24/7, others are stuck without seeing their partner and finding it hard to withstand the test of time. Many couples got trapped in different cities, countries, or continents and are not able to see their other half. In fact, they don’t know when they’ll be able to see them again. In this case, video dating is a groundbreaking way of communicating. 

It allows millions to literally keep the relationships alive and help to get through this nightmare together while they are apart. 

A niche for the new businesses 

Considering that online communication is the only form of communication right now, it can bring about new ideas for making money. People started creating new dating applications and developing already existing social platforms for more dating-friendly options. This quarantine changes the entire game for businesses, providing new opportunities and forcing situations for change. 

Improvement of communication skills

Social isolation doesn’t have to mean social disconnecting. In fact, it can help many people leave their comfort zone and take a step forward. There is still a huge group of people who don’t date because they feel too uncomfortable and shy. Well, here is the perfect chance to make a change. If you meet someone now, you have no excuse. You are not too busy, as no one is. So, instead of looking for excuses, just do it. All you have to do is turn your camera on and talk. If you don’t hit it off with someone, that’s fine. It’s not a real date where you are stuck with the person for hours. Online dating has its own rules. Sure, it might be stressful at the very beginning, but as soon as you get comfortable, you can find yourself enjoying meeting people over video a lot. 

The bottom line

The main goal of video dating is to make people expand their social circles and interact with new people. It’s undoubtedly a savior for many quarantined individuals who can’t handle the solitude of the shutdown well. Video dating helps folks keep their mental condition stable and gives a real chance to meet someone interesting. I am 100% sure it will become a new normal. 

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