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Masks that Work for All Skin Types

We are all about a good face-mask here at VIVA GLAM Magazine. In fact, we really couldn’t live without them. Whether they are for anti-aging, treating acne, treating excessively oily skin, or any other reason, we get excited about trying out new masks. And in today’s day and age, there is face-mask for every type of skin and every occasion. In fact, many work for all skin types.  Read on to find out our favorite face mask products and why we love them.

Leaders Cosmetics’s Labotica Transforming Liquid Mask Kit

Leaders Cosmetics’s Labotica Transforming Liquid Mask Kit is the perfect face mask to use when you need a complete refresh for many facial issues. Peel-off masks have been proven to be a great tool for healthy skin, so it’s imperative to have them on hand at home for those periods of time where your skin is feeling dry and damaged or when you are breaking out too much. This mask kit is our favorite, using botanical extracts to calm and nourish the skin. The Rose Gold mask brightens the skin, making dull and dry skin radiant while the Foil Mask removes signs of aging and tightens the skin and pores. We encourage you to keep them both on hand.

Masqueology Masks

Masquelogy has a mask for every occasion, so we couldn’t pick just one. This brand blends traditional Korean beauty concepts with modern technology and ingredients to help you unmask the beauty within. The Under Eye Rose Gold Gel Mask is absolutely one of our favorites, however. I prefer to use masks made specifically for under the eyes, as that is my problem area, and my chin tends to be too oily to handle certain masks. So this one is absolutely a favorite. Be sure to check out to try all of their innovative masks.

Dr. Jart +

Dr. Jart+ is another company that has many masks for many occasions. The Focuspot Dark Circle Micro Tip Patch is a great mask to try if you have dark spots, and their All That Contours Mask is also a favorite of ours. This mask reduces the signs of again, smooths wrinkles, and comes in 2-pieces for a nice, custom fit.

Whatever type of skin you may have, there is always a good mask for everyone. Be sure to try the companies above to get your skin at its healthiest!


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