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Why Digital Perm Hair is the Latest Trend

Having digital perm hair is the latest trend. One reason why is because it produces a bouncy wave while still making your hair shiny. As such, more and more people would like to try this latest beauty trend. However, before getting one, it is best to understand this new technique. So, here are some important details about digital perm hair.

What is a Digital Perm?

As mentioned, a digital perm is the latest technique used by hairstylists to create waves that can last for about five to ten months. To create the waves, the stylist will use temperature-controlled rods with a digital display. From there, the heat from the rods will break down your hair’s molecules and rebuild them to copy the shape of the rods. The use of heat may seem scary for most of you; however, the chemical used for this treatment has proteins that will repair your hair molecules by making moisture once the heat is applied. The results are waves or curls that resemble those created by a curling iron.

Digital Perm VS Normal Perm

To understand why digital perm hair is the latest trend, you have to know the difference between a digital perm and a normal or traditional perm.

One of the main differences between the two kinds of perm is the texture of the hair. To be specific, the twist or curls in a normal perm is more noticeable when the hair is wet or saturated, and they are relaxed when the hair is dry. On the other hand, the digital perm reconditions the hair. The result is hair that is smooth, delicate, and soft.

Because the result of a digital perm is shiny and bouncy hair, more and more people would like to try this latest trend. So, you can ask your hairstylist if the treatment can support your hair type.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the results of a digital perm are different from a normal perm. For some, the results are better. However, this hair treatment is more expensive than the traditional perm. The reason is that the machine used to create a digital perm hair is quite an investment. Another difference is that the waves created by a digital perm will last longer, usually about five to ten months. As such, you need to consider these factors before getting a digital perm.


Digital Perm – Meet The Unexpected Hair Trend Taking Over Salons

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