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Digital Perm – Meet The Unexpected Hair Trend Taking Over Salons

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We will say something we never thought we would – “The perm is back.” Yes, you read that right, this permanent curly hairstyle is all the rage RN, especially in Japanese salons. Allow us to soften your shock – the modern perm is nothing like those wet-looking tight curls that were trending back in the day. In fact, the digital perm might be the effortless solution you’ve been looking for to add some VA VA volume to your tresses. Below, we reveal everything that you need to know about this controversial curly hair trend.

the digital perm is trending
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Photo By @aubesingapore_clementi/Instagram

The perm was everywhere in the ’80s, from the streets to the big screen with the likes of Jennifer Gray and Meg Ryan rocking the style. Fast forward to 2019, it’s safe to say that the perm has never completely disappeared. However, its popularity significantly decreased as ladies turned to more relaxed styles like beach waves.

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