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What to Wear and What to Know If You’re Going to a Movie Premiere

Did you know that 403 movies were released in 2021 in the U.S. and Canada? That was up north of 20% from just 334 in 2020. But that increase is only 51% of the 792 movies released in 2019 before the COVID-19 outbreak. The coronavirus isn’t over, but movies continue to debut. 

If you’re in the know and get invited to a movie premiere, you’ll want to look your best. But what are you supposed to wear to such a high-profile event? If you’re on the invite list for an upcoming movie premiere, you’ll need to know what to wear, what to bring, and how to get to the movie premiere location. 

Keep reading for the answers you need to know.

Dress Like a Star

You don’t have to have a huge budget to create a great outfit. And you can look like a million dollars, even if you don’t have to have the sort of connections and star power to have luxury brands provide you with their high-price-tag clothes, jewelry, or accessories for the big event. 

Do you have an eye for fashion? You can find a great dress or suit that makes you look like a star. You’ll want something fashionable and functional for the premiere and the afterparty.

If you’re lucky, your invitation will mention a dress code. But if it doesn’t, no need to worry. You can bet that most attendees will be wearing attire ranging from casual to formal. So, if you put together an outfit that falls within that range, you’ll be fine. Are you going as part of a group? Ask other people what they plan to wear and get feedback if you want.

Bring ID

When you get to the location, you’ll be asked to present a photo identification and perhaps a copy of your invitation letter. Don’t forget to bring these things. The last thing you’ll want is the embarrassment of being denied entry and forced to return home. You’ll be good to go if you have the ID and invitation letter with you. Don’t leave home without them.

Also, consider bringing a camera. Who knows? You might get to have your picture taken with an A-list movie star. You’ll have memories that you can cherish forever. Enjoy the experience.

Arrange Your Ride

How are you planning to get to the movie premiere? You could potentially go via limousine. But other options may be more comfortable and practical, especially if you’re traveling to the event as part of a group. You can consider, for example, a private van shuttle offered by a sprinter van shuttle service like drvn. For one thing, booking a private van shuttle for the movie premiere event will allow you and your group to travel together in comfort. 

A special event like a movie premiere can be intimidating. Booking a sprinter shuttle service will allow you and the other people in your group to travel as a unit. There’s more space in a sprinter van shuttle than in the typical limousine.

Another reason to book a sprinter shuttle service is that you may need a ride if you go to the after-party. You won’t have to worry about how to get home after a night of partying and drinking. A shuttle sprinter will be a godsend in such situations. You can get to and from the big event safely.

Remember These Tips if You Need a Ride to a Big Event

Keep these tips in mind if you’re ever invited to a movie premiere. While the movie industry is still recovering from the coronavirus crisis, it’s clawing its way back from the slowdown. You’ll want to have fun and let your hair down at such events. 

Being prepared will make the event more fun.

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