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How To Dress Rich: Here Is What We Learned From German Heiress Anna Sorokin

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Society has always categorized people into the classes of rich or poor. And a big thing that separates these classes is how they dress, talk, deal, and live. Many people do not care about the biases they are being subjected to. Many people do feel bad about how they are looked upon irrespective of their self-worth. Then they try to dress rich regardless of their financial status.

Many other people take advantage of their fashion sense and try to deceive people, like Anna Sorokin did in her new series Inventing Anna. She takes advantage of her good fashion sense and dresses rich to indulge in white-collar crimes.

We all want to dress rich just like Anna. Dressing like her doesn’t mean that we all want to indulge in crimes too (laugh it off). Of course, it was a dramatic story.

In this post, we have collected some looks that you can recreate from Inventing Anna so you can dress rich like her.

How To Dress Rich Here Is What We Learned From Our German Heiress Anna Soroki 1
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Photo By @driati_meladze/Instagram

First, my favorite selection from the series is this sparkly and shiny party dress. You can have this on for any of those nights out or clubbing. You can even wear this for any of your friends’ weddings. A little glam makeup and you are all set to inspire people.

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