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What Does it Take to Be Happy?

Achieving happiness just might be easier than you think!

Let’s face it, we all want to be happy. In fact, if you look at the impulse behind every action that we do, the motivation is happiness. It drives us each and every day. We want happiness for ourselves and for others. Defined as “a state of well-being and contentment”, happiness is not experienced every moment of our lives.
So what does it take to be happy most of the time? What do we have to do to achieve a sense of joy in life?

It just might be easier than you think

Firstly, don’t overthink it. Don’t question your happiness. Some people self-sabotage themselves by thinking that they don’t “deserve” to be happy. Don’t allow these types of thoughts to reside in your mind, decreasing your ability to feel joy.

What is the key?

All you have to do is tell the Universe, “I want to be happy!”,
or even “I am happy!” Also, don’t be afraid to ask for things.
You have to be specific. For example, ask the Universe, “I want to be happy.”, “I want a great job and loving family.”, and of course, “Thank you for my happiness.” Then observe as the Universe will send you both events and things that you desire.

Happiness is not a thing or destination

Rather, it is a conscious decision that you make in life – at every moment.
You need to decide that you are happy. It is a proactive thought that you must place in the forefront of your mind at all times. Many times during the day you might be frustrated or discouraged. At these times, you must consciously make the choice to be happy. This might be challenging at times. But always remember that you have control over whether or not you choose happiness.

The old adage, “the glass is either half empty or half full” is true.
Your happiness depends on your attitude. After all, we can’t control situations that affect us, but we can control the way we react to them.
Similarly, we can’t control other people and their actions, but we can control how we react towards them. This may not be easy, but it is doable.

Final Words

Finally, concern yourself with being happy in the moment. Don’t think that when you have a certain item or achieve a goal, only then you will reach a state of happiness. Think of now, right now. What are you doing today that will make you and others around you happy? After all, time is an illusion. We reminisce about the past and hope for the future, but all we really have is now.

So, choose to live now in the abundance of joy, satisfaction, and happiness!

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