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What Can I Do to Help During this Time In Place of Public Protesting?

Disease, hatred, racism, looting, violence, pain. What is this world we are living in? How did 2020 hit us so hard with the most unexpected plagues? Why can’t everyone step back and stop discriminating, hating, and generalizing?

Making change in this world is much easier said than done. But 2020 showed us clearly that change needs to happen in our society for us to continue to grow and work towards a better future. The only way we can accomplish this is if we step back and look at the world by stepping into someone else’s shoes. It’s not easy to see things from someone else’s perspective. But that’s what it takes to become a more peaceful, well-rounded society.

Rather than generalizing, recognize that every single human is a flawed piece of work. And some are worse than others. Those who murder and commit crimes should hands down be punished for it. And those who wish to protest should be able to get their voices heard. Until we are able to step back and see each others perspectives, only then can we join hands and create a force for change. So, how do we go about fixing a broken system?

Peaceful protests are absolutely in our constitutional rights. But in this time, people are desperate and turning on each other. It’s a scary time to go out there. Maybe you don’t feel safe stepping outside. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is it really safe to go out in a large group and rally? Concerts were cancelled through the end of the year, but protests still brought thousands of people together.

So, maybe you don’t feel safe protesting outside. How else can you get your voice heard? Well, there are many ways you can still help.

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Whether it’s donating your time to sign a petition or your money to an important cause, donating is a great way to protest. Think about supporting the NAACP or other organizations of this nature.

Speak Out

Your platforms that you have created for yourself are just that- a platform to use your voice. Make yourself be heard on your platform. That being said, don’t expect those with opposing opinions to agree with you. It’s hard not to engage sometimes, but by fighting with those who will never see things from your perspective, you are only wasting your time. Try to keep yourself from getting defensive and, instead, have an honest conversation about what you are feeling to help others learn and grow.

Push for Police Reform

It’s an unfortunate time, as many of us know and love those in the police force. And, of course, not all cops are bad. A lot of them are just as scared as civilians are during these last few weeks. But it seems if military personnel can be trained to follow certain protocols in high-risk situations, police should be learning the same protocols. Contact your mayor, your senator, or your representative to let them know that you want a reformation of our police system. Putting a ban on choke-holds and strangleholds, requiring de-escalation tactics, requiring warning shots, and learning to exhaust all alternatives before shooting can save lives; they seem like reasonable alternatives to what’s in place now. Requiring more training for high-stress situations for police officers seems essential. So reach out and get your voice heard about this today if it’s something that is meaningful to you.

We can move forward to make the reformations we need and come together as a society in peace regardless of race if we choose to learn from what is happening currently and grow. Are you up for the challenge?


Are We Afraid of Inner Peace?

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