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7 Brilliant Gift Ideas to Give Your Father This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, and you want to give something great to your father. The following are seven brilliant gift ideas you might not have considered yet.

1. The Gift of a Massage

Everyone loves to get a massage, but going to a massage parlor isn’t convenient all the time. A massage chair might be a great gift because you don’t have to go anywhere to get that calming feeling. The quality of the gift will determine how good the massage is, so keep that in mind as you search. A massage is quite relaxing, but there’s much more to it than that. A massage could increase blood circulation; it could help promote healing and could even reduce stress. All of these things will be good for your father and aren’t the only perks of getting a massage.

2. Water Filtration System

Filtered water is healthier than regular water that comes out of the faucet. Filtered water doesn’t have heavy metals or other contaminants. The problem is you have to buy filtered water, and that could be a pain unless you give your dad a Go Berkey Kit. This is a wonderful gift because your father can have filtered water at all times.

3. Hot Air Balloon Trip

Sometimes, the best gift is an experience. If your father is up for it, consider giving him a ticket for a hot air balloon trip. There are a few companies nearby that can give you a great deal; just call around until you find a good ticket. Make sure you read the reviews of the company before making your purchase. Remember that this is a gift for the father who is okay with heights. You want him to be excited about the gift, not scared.

4. A Smoker for the Cook

If your father is an adventurous cook, then it might be a good idea to go ahead and purchase him a smoker. Your dad probably already has a BBQ pit, so this is the next step where he can make all sorts of interesting meals. Try to consider your father’s outdoor cooking tools before choosing the smoker. This device needs to match the other devices your father uses. A device like this one can be shared. Maybe your father will teach you how to get the most out of a smoker. On top of that, a smoker can make your family reunion meals more delicious.

5. Teeth Whitening Kit

If you think your dad’s teeth are not what they used to be, or you think he deserves to have pearly white teeth, then it might be time to offer a gift that addresses this problem. Perhaps the right gift for your father is a teeth whitening kit. There are a few out there, but they do vary in quality, so make sure you choose one you can trust like COCO Lab teeth whitening kit, which has earned a lot of positive reviews.

6. Beer Making Right at Home

For beer enthusiasts, consider giving a beer-making kit. Yes, your father could make his own beer at home, and it isn’t incredibly difficult with the right kit. The next time you come over to visit your father he could have beer that he brewed himself. Once he learns how to brew a beer, he might begin to experiment, creating different types of beers to delight the palate. This could become a hobby, or he could even turn it into a business should he want to. Remember that wine and ciders can be made pretty easily; just find a kit for what you want to make.

7. Adventuring with a Kayak

Those who have a father who loves adventures might want to consider a kayak. This is a wonderful gift because your father will have a new reason to explore the world. If he loves to fish, then a kayak will expose him to different waters. If your father loves to go out and have adventures with your mom, then be sure to take that into account when you make the purchase. There are some 2-person kayaks available.

These are just some gift ideas to make this Father’s Day more special, and hopefully, they guide you in the right direction. In the end, you know your father best, so try to let that guide your choice.

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