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What are the Benefits of Using Melatonin?

It is well known that melatonin helps people get a good night’s sleep. The pineal gland inside your brain produces melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone responsible for regulating the circadian rhythm of the body. Basically, melatonin lets your body know when it is time to go to sleep. During these stressful times, the safest way to calm down and get some rest is through a natural product. 

However,  you might be surprised to hear that according to Mindbodygreen melatonin offers a number of other important health benefits as well. From managing the mitochondrial health of your body to providing acid reflux relief, melatonin has you covered. The following are six ways that melatonin is beneficial in addition to helping you sleep. 

Might Give Your Immune System A Boost 

Women’s Health Network reports that melatonin is able to switch on the T-cells inside the white blood cells and offer a very robust immune response.  The natural hormone is a strong antioxidant as well that helps to protect cells against oxidative damage without free radicals being triggered and helps the body’s immune system as well. As people grow older, their production of melatonin is reduced, so eating foods containing melatonin or taking a supplement can give your immune system a boost. 

Melatonin Helps To Protect The Mitochondria Inside The Cells

Unwind who offer melatonin in Ireland reports that mitochondria are very powerful cells. They fuel energy to allow cells to function at their optimal levels. The hormone’s antioxidant properties are what allow the melatonin produced inside the mitochondria to function properly. 

Can Help To Reduce SAD Symptoms

The common condition SAD affects as many as 10 percent of people. The symptoms start in the fall once days begin to be shorter. However, it has been shown by research that changes in daylight amounts affect the circadian rhythm and can result in SAD symptoms. To help relieve them you can try to take a melatonin supplement.   

Might Help With Anxiety 

Melatonin relaxes the body to prepare it for sleep on a good mattress. Therefore it may help to ease anxiety symptoms as well. Dr. Rafla-Yuan, who helps patients manage their anxiety prior to medical procedures says that melatonin triggers the brain and tells it is time for winding down and relaxation. The Cochrane Systematic Review-Intevention published a 2015 study that reviewed 12 controlled trails. It found that melatonin can be used for reducing anxiety prior to medical procedures. 

Promotes Eye Health 

Given that melatonin has high levels of antioxidans, it can promote eye health and help to prevent cell damage. Research has shown that the cell protection propeties of melatonin can help to treat age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. The hormone may also stave off other types of eye issues that are age-related that may result in the loss of vision. 

Might Help With Treating Acid Reflux Disease 

Melatonin also can help to relieve acid reflux disease and GERD symptoms. University Health News reports that 14-20 percent of US adults are affected. That is due to the fact that the hormone, which is produced in the mouth and stomach is known to block stomach acid secretion and reduce nitric oxide production that relaxes you sphincter to allow acid to enter into the oesophagus. Studies have shown that supplementing melatonin helps to relieve GERD symptoms.

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