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Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Your Halloween (or any day, really!)

Halloween is here, and perhaps you’re tired of celebrating the same way year after year. Maybe, instead, this year you want to do something a little different- something unconventional. Why not, right? For too long we’ve gone to the same parties and celebrated the same way. While parties with friends are always a good time, sometimes we need something a little different. We’re here to provide you with some new ideas to make your Halloween something unique and special that you’ll remember for years to come. We give you unconventional ways to celebrate your Halloween 2020!

Read a Good Gothic Horror

It’s safe to say that the majority of the population doesn’t regularly read anymore. Why not change that this Halloween? Some of the best and most classic stories come from literature. Why not pick up the classic gothic horror stories and have a binge-reading marathon this Halloween? It sounds like the perfect ambiance to light a fire, scatter some candles, turn down the lights, and get lost in a scary story. Try picking up Dracula (trust me, it’s never been done right in the film adaptations), Frankenstein, or the Phantom of the Opera. These tales are not only spooky but have something for everyone in them. I have read them all over the last few years and was blown away by how intriguing they are. So, set the ambiance, pick up your gothic horror e-books, and get lost in some magic this Halloween.

Play Online Games

Playing online games alone or with friends is a great way to spend your Halloween! There are many Halloween-themed online games. Perhaps, try a virtual reality ghost hunting game or go for a traditional horror video game. Whether you play alone or with friends, you’re guaranteed to have a spooky good time. But maybe scary games aren’t for you? Perhaps, you’re more of a gambling type? Real money online gambling in PA is a great way to have a fun and exciting Halloween! Test your luck and have a good time with it. Whatever your gaming fancy, play and enjoy this holiday! It’s a time to celebrate, after all.

Write Your Own Scary Story to Spook Your Friends

Instead of the same old drab Halloween party, why not put together a bonfire with a few close friends? Gather around a fire pit or bonfire in a safe environment that allows for it and roast smores. Before meeting up, try writing your own spooky tale. Think about your favorite scary stories and allow them to inspire you to create your own. Make it as short or as long as you’d like it to be. Encourage your friends to write their own. Have a fun night of smores, scary tales, and good friends. A Halloween night spent outside is really the best kind of Halloween.

Netflix and Chill

While perhaps this isn’t so unconventional anymore, “Netflix and Chill” isn’t exactly a traditional option of something to do during your Halloween night. If you’re looking for something more mainstream but still a little different, pull up your favorite streaming service, turn down the lights, spark a fire, and enjoy Halloween by watching new and classic features. There are so many mainstream shows and series to watch. Or, if you’re more of an independent type, you can find the best Indie films on these streaming services, as well.

All in all, why not change up your Halloween tradition this year? We can all get stuck in the same habits, and it’s important to stimulate our brains and change things up. So, I encourage you to celebrate Halloween this year in one of the unconventional ways above. You’ll be happy you tried something new!

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