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Is Your Type A Personality Bad For Your Health?

Could your personality traits actually have an impact on your happiness levels and health? Studies have shown that your personality type has a role to play in how healthy you are.

People who fall under the Type A “workaholic” personality type have distinct characteristics of their own. They’re believed to be sensitive, organized, impatient, and competitive. Their need for high standing in society often leads them to take on more than they can handle. They’re also firm believers in time management and have a strong competitive drive.

In their efforts to achieve their goals, they can become work-obsessed and even seem hostile at times. Competitiveness and a strong orientation towards achievement are key characteristics that drive them. They also tend to get impatient and frustrated with long waits and can be seen walking at a rapid pace.

Some of these traits of Type A personalities can lead to an increased risk of health problems. These are some of the negative impacts of exhibiting Type A behavior.

Negative Effects of Type A Behavior

As a result of the extra stress taken on by this personality type, their lifestyles and health take a significant toll.
Many of the adverse effects mentioned are common among Type A personalities.

Heart-Related Ailments

Studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between high levels of stress and coronary heart disease. Type A personalities find it difficult to manage stress effectively leading to numerous heart conditions. They also tend to have hectic, demanding jobs which can lead to other stress-related problems.


There is a direct association between high blood pressure and the manner in which people of this personality type deal with life’s ups and down. They find it difficult take any setbacks in their stride which leads to more stress and hypertension.

Seclusion and Loneliness

These overachievers tend to alienate others and don’t have much of a work-life balance. They spend too much time trying to climb the ladder of success, not paying heed to much else. This can put them at risk for social isolation and its negative consequences.

Fortunately, there are certain ways Type A personalities can use these traits to their advantage. By softening a few of their Type A traits, they will be able to reduce stress and enjoy their journey more.

It is important for them to try and keep their high drive without alienating others along the way. Having an easygoing attitude and cultivating optimism can also help. If they manage to achieve a balance of succeeding at work while maintaining a strong social circle, happiness and good health will definitely come their way.


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