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How to Tell if He’s the One

All the ways to tell if he is the ONE!

It’s always the age-old question women have been asking since the dawn of time: is he the ONE? After all, this could be one of the most important questions you could ask. This will determine whom you will spend the rest of your life with, who will be your partner, and father of your children. So yes, there is a lot of weight when it comes to this singular question.

But how do you know if he’s the one? There are a few, clear indicators that show you are on the right path. One of the first items that come to mind is that he makes sacrifices for you. Not only does he do this, he does it willingly because he knows it will help you. Conversely, you feel the same way and would do something for him even though it might be inconvenient for you. You do this because you know it will make life easier for him.

Another indicator, as simple as it may seem, is that he misses you when you are not with him. The phrase, “I miss you”, is not merely a sweet nothing. Rather, he really does miss you when you aren’t around. You enjoy your time together and this doesn’t mean that you have to be doing anything spectacular. Even if it means lounging on the couch together, you simply like to share space.

And if he talks about the future with you, that is awesome! He will plan six months and even a year down the road with you in mind. This is a good indicator he is seeing you as a partner and someone who will be an active part of his life.

And perhaps one of the most important things to note is that he listens to you. He takes the time to ask you how your day went. You don’t have to do all of the listening. He is genuinely concerned about your feelings and is not impatient when it comes to hearing what you’ve got to say. After all, sometimes you have to vent frustrations, get another solid opinion on an issue, and he is always there for you!

Finally, another way you can tell is if he’s the one is if doesn’t trash talk about women with his friends. If he shows respect for you and all of the other women in his life, you know he will treat you and all of the other females in your life with the same respect. “Locker room talk” is not just locker room talk. It’s how they really feel.

If you have these qualities in your man, you just might have found the ONE!


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