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Treat Your Fat Non-Surgically with truSculpt by Cutera

Let’s face it- no matter who we are or how skinny we really are, we’ve all wanted to get rid of that stubborn excess body fat. We tend to have overly critical eyes when it comes to looking our bodies over and spotting fat. While some are more than willing to go all the way and have their fat surgically removed, too many of us are unwilling to go that far to remove body fat. There’s got to be another way, right? Something less invasive?

The VIVA GLAM team was lucky enough to experience the alternative firsthand. truSculpt iD by Cutera is a personalized body sculpting treatment. truSculpt uses innovative monopolar radiofrequency technology to specifically target fat and heat up just the fat tissue. This kills some of the fat cells, allowing them to break down and naturally pass through the body over a period of 10 weeks following a treatment.

I visited Dr. Avi Ishaaya’s office in Los Angeles and met with nurse practitioner Melissa Tauer who conducted a truSculpt session with me. The whole process was quick (about 15 minutes per treatment area), easy, and personalized to my needs. Melissa gave me a personalized evaluation and decided on the best areas where we should be removing the fat from.

During the session, versatile hands-free pieces were placed around my stomach on the locations we decided needed the fat loss. They switched on and off, heating up in different sections over the 15-minute period. As this happened, I was able to sit back and relax. While the pieces heated up, they didn’t burn or get too hot to handle. It felt slightly like a hot stone massage around my sides, back, and abdomen. I love that it was so easy. A truSculpt session is not time consuming at all, and there is no down time. Usually these procedures have a down time and take hours to complete, but this literally seems like something you can do on your lunch break. The team at Dr. Ishaaya’s office made me feel at home throughout the process. We talked and laughed throughout the session, so before I knew it, it was over.

As promised, there was no downtime following the procedure. Slowly over the next few weeks I saw little by little as the fat left my body. truScult iD, on average, gets rid of 24% of body fat in as little as one treatment, so I can’t wait to follow my journey and see how much fat my body has lost over the course of the full 10-week span following the treatment. To my estimate, I currently feel that I have lost close to 20% of the fat in my treated area. I may lose even more, as my body processes things slower than most, and I have a slower metabolism.

I’m definitely considering going back to target my right upper thigh / butt cheek which is uneven compared to my right. While I’m doing it, I would do another session of my stomach to see even more results, too.

If you’re looking for a non-intrusive way to lose body fat, definitely speak with the team at Dr. Avi Ishaaya’s office and get your consultation today to see if truSculpt by Cutera is right for you!


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