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5 Myths About Cosmetic Surgery You Should Stop Believing

Would you consider going in for cosmetic surgery?

This is always a contentious topic because everyone seems to have an opinion concerning the procedures. 

While some opinions are based on facts, others hold no ground whatsoever and simply arise from being misinformed.

How about we start by debunking some of the popular myths associated with cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Is for Shallow and Insecure People

Often, we tend to think that people who go in for cosmetic surgery are only doing so because they are vain and want to boost their self-esteem

While this is partially true for some procedures, it’s not always the case. 

Some aesthetic surgery procedures can actually benefit a patient’s health, in addition to bettering their physical appearance. 

Take a nose job, for instance. Did you know that cosmetic surgery on the nose could potentially treat significant breathing problems? 

The procedure is called rhinoplasty, and it can help fix a deviated septum. In fact, such a procedure would be covered by your medical insurance because it’s intended to fix a legitimate medical problem.

Breast reduction is another example. 

Women with huge breasts could suffer from neck and back pain, not to mention getting skin rashes underneath their breasts. For improved health, all these problems could be addressed through breast reduction surgery.

It Is Only for The Wealthy

First of all, cosmetic surgery isn’t as costly as you might think. 

Yes, some procedures can set you off quite a bit. However, there are a ton of affordable procedures, as well. So, cosmetic surgery isn’t something only undertaken by the wealthy.

In fact, according to plastic surgeons Austin Tx, statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that majority of the people who go for cosmetic surgery are from the middle class, rather than the elite upper class. 

Many patients even go as far as to take out a loan to get their desired elective procedures done.

According to the numbers, the largest segment of patients falls between the $31k – $60k annual salary range. 

Only about 13% of people who undergo cosmetic surgery earn more than $90k annually. 

The Results of a Cosmetic Surgery Last Forever

No matter how expensive the procedure was, the truth is that cosmetic surgery is not an eternal fix, regardless of the procedure you underwent.

If it was, don’t you think we’d all be doing it?

Yes, right now, you may be enjoying the quick and noticeable results of your freshly undertaken procedure. However, with time, the body will continue to age and change as usual.

Your age, lifestyle, and diet will dictate how well your plastic surgery holds up in the long run. Even with the healthiest lifestyle, however, there is no way your plastic surgery results will last forever.

It is crucial to have a realistic expectation of how long the results of the procedure will last, and plan for when you might need the next procedure.

Here’s a fun fact for you: in 2017, nearly half of all plastic surgery patients were going in for repeat procedures.

Plastic Surgery Is A Quick Way to Lose Weight

I hate to burst your bubble, but this isn’t in the least bit true. 

Sure, there are body contouring procedures such as abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery) and liposuction, which are designed to enhance your silhouette.

However, these procedures are not weight-loss methods and should not be considered as such. 

What you might not know is that some patients are actually required to lower their BMI through exercise and diet, before they can be eligible to undergo such surgery.

Also, did you know that as much as liposuction is a procedure involving removing fat from trouble spots in the body, it can only remove 10-12 pounds max?

Even if you undergo successful liposuction, that’s not to mean that you will never experience fat issues in that spot ever again. It is up to the patient to maintain their weight; otherwise, remaining fat cells in the body could easily grow into the target area.

Cosmetic Surgery Is Dangerous

Well, no, it’s not. 

Of course, you first need to keep in mind that any surgery has associated risks.

Secondly, don’t take it to mean that the ton of horror stores you’ve heard concerning failed cosmetic surgery procedures are an accurate representation of the situation on the ground.

More likely than not, you will find that such procedures were done by an unskilled or unlicensed plastic surgeon.

The truth is that with advances in technology, plastic surgery has become far less invasive, therefore proving to be safe. 

As long as you are working with a licensed professional, you don’t have to worry about terribly horrifying results.

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