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Top 3 Clinics to Undergo a Breast Reduction in Turkey

Nowadays, a lot of people turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance and bodies. One of the most popular interventions in the world is breast augmentation, and almost every woman wants to have it. However, it happens, when women desire to reach the opposite effect — to make their breasts smaller. This operation is called a breast reduction. During this cosmetic surgery, a doctor removes excess fat and skin to create neat breasts of required size and shape.

Breast reduction is a quite complex intervention, so the cost is not affordable for everyone. However, if it is expensive in your place of residence, you can find cheaper options abroad. For instance, Turkey is one of the top destinations to get cost-effective plastic surgery. Let’s consider pros and cons below, and what breast reduction clinic in Turkey to choose.

Why Do Patients Choose Turkey for Breast Reduction?

Low prices

The breast reduction clinics in Turkey offer a procedure for $3,400 on average. While American facilities provide breast surgery for $8,000-$15,000, German — $11,000, Thai — $8,500. Even with travel expenses, having breast reduction in Turkey is more profitable for a patient.

Board-certified doctors

The Turkish plastic surgeons have vast experience in this field: they undergo practice overseas to implement new techniques and inventions, and are members of international plastic surgery organizations. It confirms compliance of their skills with the world-recognized standards. Before picking a doctor to manage your breast reduction, read reviews and check before-after photos of his/her patients.

Excellent service

Turkey is known worldwide for its hospitality. So, medical tourists can feel like home. Almost all breast reduction clinics provide free airport pick up, interpreter’s services, and accommodation. So, a patient who jets to Turkey does not need to care about these arrangements. This approach significantly saves finances.

Celebrity choice

Turkey is very popular with people across the world — 750,000 plastic surgery procedures are performed here every year. A lot of celebrities also prefer having their makeover in Turkey. For instance, Chloe Ferro, an English TV personality, had a breast reduction in one of the Turkish clinics in October of 2020. Chloe Ferro removed her implants after a breast augmentation and reduced the size of the breasts.

Top 3 Clinics for Breast Reduction in Turkey

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

This medical center provides breast reduction in Istanbul. The price of the procedure here starts from $3,900 and covers all medical consumables, special bra, transfer, accommodation. Patients from mostly the UK, the USA, Spain, Lithuania, Israel choose the clinic to get plastic surgery. A plastic surgeon Dr. Ergin Er with 27 years of experience manages an operation. 

Estetik International Clinic

The clinic is one of the largest plastic surgery facilities in Istanbul. Such celebrities as a living Ken and Barbie, “cartoon” Pixee Fox are among the patients of Estetik International. The cost of breast reduction is $5,500 including wastes for medical consumables and arrangements. The cost is a little higher than in other centers because of high scores from patients and its popularity outside Turkey. About 500,000 cosmetic procedures of any complexity have been carried out in the clinic since its foundation in 1999.

Adem&Havva Medical Center

The center is a great option for those patients who look for high quality at a reasonable price. The breast reduction surgery costs from $3,700 here. So, attractive prices and great service draw patients from over the world — customers from at least 45 countries have already chosen the clinic. So far doctors of Adem&Havva have performed over 16,000 operations in total.

How to Plan and Arrange Your Breast Reduction?

If you plan to do a breast reduction surgery in Turkey, follow this piece of advice:

  1. Find a clinic. It is an important step on your way to a successful surgery. Find the info about a chosen breast reduction clinic, check the certificates that confirm its compliance with strict medical standards.
  2. Pick a doctor. Check plastic surgeon’s experience, CV, read reviews, and request to see his/her before-after photos of patients.
  3. Schedule date of surgery. Contact a clinic to appoint breast reduction in Turkey.
  4. Solve financial issues. When you choose a clinic, clarify the cost of breast reduction, what it includes, and when you should pay.

If the above-mentioned steps cause some difficulties for you, it is better to ask for help with the Bookimed medical tourism platform. It is a free service to search for and book medical centers across the world. Bookimed managers will find a clinic for you according to your preferences, provide all necessary info, and suggest the most suitable options for you. It is absolutely free, all you need is to request

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