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NRomo Beauty Fills the Void in the Lip Care Market

From cosmetology school to hair stylist to performer to beauty entrepreneur and guru, Natalie Romo has built up an impressive resume and taken the beauty world by storm. Using her expertise in many facets of the beauty industry, Natalie created NRomo Beauty to fill the void in the lip care market. We are incredibly inspired by Natalie’s drive and dedication and even more inspired by the future lip serum and line of lip products being created by NRomo Beauty. We sat down with Natalie Romo to talk all about NRomo Beauty, her past, and her future in the world of lip care.

Natalie, you went to cosmetology school. Can you tell us which one? What are the most important lessons and insights that you took out of your time at beauty school?

I received my cosmetology license from the Regency Beauty Institute in Arizona right after graduating from high school. It was there where I learned how rewarding it felt to make someone feel good about themselves by providing them with a beauty service. I learned about the importance of self-care and have brought that wisdom with me into my new venture, NRomo Beauty. This experience also opened up many opportunities that have allowed me to get to where I am today.

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Can you tell us about your history working with hair?

The time I spent working at TONY&GUY is one of my favorite memories because of all the growth I made as a hairstylist. I learned a lot about the beauty industry during my time there and was able to explore my own creative interests while honing in on my craft. I found standing behind the chair, cutting and coloring people’s hair, so fulfilling that I still do it any chance I get.

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You also have talent in front of the camera, too. Is it more exciting for you to be in front of the camera instead of behind the camera? Where does your passion lie?

I enjoy being in front of the camera and behind the scenes, too. My passion really lies in the whole creative process. My past experiences within different aspects of the beauty and fashion industry have really helped prepare me for my new beauty venture. I always knew I wanted to start my own business but wanted to make sure the products I produced were unique and effective. My main focus is to create products that aim at filling voids currently present in the lip care market.

We see you’ve been a dancer in many music videos, such as for Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande. What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

Out of all the projects I have worked on this far, my favorite project has to be when I worked on the set of The Fast and Furious 7 movie. The energy I felt on set that day is what first sparked my interest in acting and what encouraged me to pursue acting classes.

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What inspired you to begin a line of beauty products?

I have always dreamed of creating a line of beauty products ever since I was a little girl. My personal experience within the beauty and fashion industry is what inspired the aesthetic of NRomo Beauty. The first product launching in the Summer of 2021 focuses on hydrating the lips at a preventative and effective level. This anti-aging lip serum is a custom formula that has been carefully designed with everyone in mind. I saw a void in the market for this type of lip treatment and felt confident I could create an effective one. The beauty about starting your own line is that it gives you the ability to reach more than just one person at a time.

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That’s incredible. What an amazing product idea! I can definitely see where there’s a void for lip serum on the market, and I have to ask, why lip products specifically?

NRomo Beauty will initially launch with a custom-made lip serum before debuting the rest of our lip care line. I am very excited to reveal the innovative products my team and I have been working so hard to create. I feel that lips are often deprived and wanted to offer everyone a product that would help to replenish dry irritated lips.

You state that your lip products are “the best lip care of your life”. What is it that makes them so unique? Can you tell us the story behind choosing the products you will be releasing? 

 It was important to me when I set out on this venture that I created a unique product designed with everyone in mind. The custom formula is what makes this product “the best lip care of your life”. Our lip serum was designed to hydrate dry cracked lips while preventing fine lines and feathering. This lip serum was created as a more effective alternative to Chapstick because it is preventative and longer lasting.

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Since you went to cosmetology school, do you have a knowledge of the formulation? How involved are you in the creation of the products?

 I have been involved in the entire creative process of NRomo Beauty from the beginning. It’s important to me that this lip care line represents my values and my visions as the owner of NRomo Beauty. My team and I have been working alongside a chemist and a manufacturer to make sure our custom formula does everything it says it will. Since I find face serums to be one of the most effective products in skin care, I set out to create a lip serum that would also produce similar results.

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What products do you have lined up next after your lip serum?

After the launch of our lip serum, we plan on debuting an entire line of NRomo Beauty lip care. We plan on producing our own lip scrub, lip balm and lip glosses in order to create a complete lip care regimen.

What roadblocks have been thrown your way with the pandemic? How much harder has this made the process for you?

Starting a business during a pandemic has been an experience unlike any other. Not being able to visit or meet my manufacturer in person has probably been one of the hardest roadblocks thrown my way. I am grateful that this last year allowed me lots of time to reflect on what’s important and put my all into the start of my new business. I hope it will encourage everyone to stop and take a moment for themselves, and after 2020, I think that’s something we all need to do more of.

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Is there anything else you’d like us to know about your NROMO products? When and where can we expect them to? Are you ready to build a big successful beauty company?

NRomo Beauty is set to launch Summer of 2021. I can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working so hard to create and hope you will love it as much as we do.

We can’t wait for the release of the NRomo Beauty lip serum and full line of lip products to follow afterwards. Be sure to follow the company’s updates on their Instagram @NRomoBeauty and Natalie’s updates @Nat_Romo.

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