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Timeless Pieces from Each Decade that Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

The early 2000’s were really rough in the fashion world. In fact, we are still recovering from them. When we entered into the new century, every designer was trying to figure out how to invent that signature staple piece for the new era. However, everyone seemed to struggle with that, and instead of inventing something new, we would up with a cluster of mismatched pieces. (Does anyone else remember the fad of wearing jeans underneath of your formal dress? I wish I could forget that one.) But let’s not focus on the disaster that was 2000. Instead, we need to look back to the eras throughout the 20th century to get inspired by when fashion was really booming. So, we went back throughout the decades to pick the staple pieces each woman should have in her closet today.

1910’s- Ruffled Dress

Ruffled dresses were big in the 1910’s. And, in fact, the more we look at the ruffled dresses of the 1910’s, the more they remind us of Zimmerman. Getting a more modern ruffled dress inspired by the olden times is a way to look absolutely fierce yet feminine.

1920’s- Fringe

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Fringe is ALWAYS fabulous. There are so many interesting and unique ways to wear fringe, and it definitely makes a statement. So, be sure to look back to the flappers to pull inspiration for your modern fringe looks.

1930’s- Knitted Sweater

While it’s no statement piece, a nice, comfy knitted sweater is always a basic you shouldn’t live without. The 30’s saw a lot of these sweaters styled with cute dresses and skirts, and we can pull from that trend to take inspiration today.

1940’s- Tailored Suit

The 1940’s brought in the era of the working woman who loved wearing the tailored suit. Chanel released some fabulous working attire, and Evita Peron led an example in the Western world by rocking the most perfectly-fitted blazers. Needless to say, a tailored suit is a staple for any woman to have in her closet today. Whether it be for a convention, a job interview, or an all-important meeting, a tailored suit is a must-have.

1950’s- Tea-Length Swing Dress

Who doesn’t think of those perfectly structured tea-length swing dresses when they think of the 1950’s? The silhouette of this dress is so forgiving, and it looks perfectly retro when you rock it today. The sinched waist and more voluminous skirts give the illusion of a tiny waist and shapely hips, which is something that women of any decade can always benefit from.

1960’s- The Trench Coach

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A good trench coat with a stylish belt definitely adds the “cool factor” to your wardrobe. Pair it with a nice pair of knee-length boots and a cute hat, and you have the perfect timeless look.

1970’s- Bell-bottoms

Skinny jeans may be the current trend, but bell-bottoms never go out of style. They are the perfect go-to daily look for women who just aren’t feeling comfortable in skinny jeans. Don’t worry ladies, many people don’t like the skinny-jean trend, so be sure to pull out your bell-bottoms and wear them proudly!

1980’s- Off-the-Shoulder T-Shirt

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The 80’s were definitely a very loud decade to say the least. While there were many pieces from the 80’s that we’d like to forget, the off-the-shoulder t-shirts that women loved to rock still looks perfectly chic and stylish today. Pair the shirt with a thick belt to accessorize, and you’re all set!

1990’s- Faux Fur Jacket

The 90’s were…colorful to say the least. While the bright colors and loud styles of the 90’s can’t really be called “timeless”, a new trend was started during this decade that is- the faux fur jacket. Furs have always been in style during the past, but the 90’s popularized the cruelty-free way to wear fur, and we are still loving it!


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