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How to Effortlessly Look Good When Traveling

Looking good when traveling is almost a mandatory requirement the moment you start planning your trip. It’s not solely meant for the sake of taking photos, it could set the mood for the whole trip and can be something to make you feel good about yourself.

But even if it is all about making sure that you look good in photos, it isn’t necessarily a bad reason at all since these travel pictures hold good memories. It’s nice to look at them years from now.

Before you look for pegs on what to wear during your summer trip to the Bahamas or your winter trip to Japan, here are tips on how you can look good effortlessly!

Prep yourself before you travel

Aside from the fact that you look good even when you don’t double the effort—you got to claim it you know—it’s best if you still prepare for the trip.

You don’t want to regret that pretty zit sitting on top of your nose just because you skipped your skincare routine days before your flight. We get you, our excitement gets the best of us, but skipping on the most important part of your self-care can cause you breakouts.

Once you’ve arrived at your travel destination, make sure to continue with your routine. Prepare a travel-sized skincare kit so as not to take up too much space in your bag if that’s what you’re worried about.

Consider packing light

Surprisingly, leaving a handful of chic outfits and your big ass pouches of makeups can make you look good even more! How? You can strut around the airport or practically anywhere with your best luggage.

Once you get rid of all the extra baggage that you thought you need when traveling, you will easily look good and even feel good. This way, you don’t have to worry about pulling in your suitcase while carrying a duffel bag on your right shoulder, and a sling bag on the other while walking on the streets and waiting for a cab to scoop you in and take you to your hotel.

 A few classic pieces and some trendy accessories to match them is enough.

Go for wrinkle-free fabrics

Don’t go through the hassle of ironing each and every piece of clothing you have in your suitcase right after you’ve checked in your hotel room.

Choose fabrics that are wrinkle-free. You can pick from neoprenes and synthetic fibers to Spandex blend fabrics. It will save you time.

If you’re more relaxed throughout the trip, you don’t have to worry about looking good. Your aura will do that for you.

Choose an appropriate hair-do

Check the weather of the place you’re visiting before you decide on which hair-do to sport during your trip.

If you plan to go to hot and humid places like Southeast Asian countries, skip the curling irons, hair straighteners or anything with extreme heat. It will surely cause more damage to your hair than making it look good which will only last for hours.

Your best option is to go for the classic looks. You don’t have to put too much effort into making your hair look awesome. Natural is the way to go. And if in case you want to play around, braids and buns are safe bets.

Carrying a little hairspray in your bag can also save a bad hair day. Bring a small bottle and you’re good to go.

Use all-in-one products

There are dual-purpose products readily available in the market. Wise choices like this can benefit you in more ways than one.

Let’s say for example a foundation that also doubles as a sunscreen. That’s definitely going to save some space in your bag as you only need to bring one bottle. You can also have a toner, makeup remover, and cleanser in one product.

Stingy choices? I say wise and practical.

Wear cute comfy clothes

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While we’re all for looking chic and fab, we should not forget that comfort is everything. It shouldn’t be sacrificed.

Start by looking for cute dresses with soft fabrics. I mean, who are we kidding? Dresses are easy to wear, it’s comfortable and they come in cute colors and designs. It’s a win-win situation. No need to argue about that.

If you plan to visit a country with cold weather, just pair your dress with knit tights or leggings and then pair it with a comfy sweater. Jeans can be an option too, as long as it’s stretchable and breathable.

Your shoes should be made for walking too! You’ll never know when you need to walk a mile. Being prepared will save your soles from aching the entire trip.

Include some snooze while traveling

And to top it all off, a good sleep goes a long way. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to be upped with energy all the time. You need some rest too. If beauty rest is what they call it then so be it.

Create an itinerary that doesn’t compromise your sleeping schedule. Sleep early if you must, you have days of discovering new places ahead of you. You need all the rest that you can get to look good and to avoid the crankiness.

If it helps, put on a beauty mask, listen to relaxing music, meditate and go to sleep.

It doesn’t take an entire village to look good when traveling. All you need is the right mindset, the right clothes to wear, and the right international carry-on luggage to carry all your stuff.


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