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These 3 Viral TikTok Trends Could Be Harming Your Health

One of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms, TikTok has recently overtaken Youtube for average watch time in US and UK. And while the platform is more commonly known for its short videos and dance challenges, TikTok has also been where many viral trends have first started; the most common of these trends: are health and fitness challenges. 

However, since these challenges are often created (and performed) by people who aren’t health professionals, many of these trends are potentially harmful to users who aren’t aware of the consequences:

Which viral TikTok trends are potentially harmful?

A study by European lingerie specialists, Hunkemöller, found that out of the 28% of UK adults that tried a wellness or fitness trend after seeing it on social media, over one in six (18%) had a negative experience – equating to 2.6 million Brits. Popular trends that put the health of these users at risk include:

Dry-scooping: Taking pre-workout powders without water may result in serious health effects like lung irritation, digestive issues, and heart palpitations. 

The “Gallon of Water a Day” Challenge: Drinking 3.7 litres of water every day for a month could cause liver damage, kidney problems, vomiting, and headaches.

The “75 Hard” Challenge: High-impact exercising for 75 consecutive days without rest days may result in stress fractures, knee injuries, and iliotibial band syndrome.

Are there any viral TikTok trends that are good for you?

Not all popular TikTok health and fitness challenges are discouraged by the experts. Some are even encouraged by health professionals as being a great way to move your body more and increase your daily exercise. Some of these popular trends include:

The “Hot Girl Walk”: Taking a daily four-mile walk outside while listening to a motivational podcast or playlist can increase physical activity and mental well-being.

The Treadmill Strut: Walking quickly to the beat of songs on a treadmill – first created using music by Taylor Swift – helps get your blood pumping and eases you back into your fitness routine. 

12-3-30: Another treadmill exercise, but this time walking on a treadmill with a 12 incline, 3 mph speed for 30 minutes. Great for building lower body strength, burning fat, and improving stamina.

Pilates: This low-impact exercise can strengthen your muscles and improve posture and flexibility.

While some popular TikTok trends have been known to cause considerable damage to your health, these are some other viral challenges that are beneficial to your health. So rather than dismissing the platform entirely and missing some of the knowledgeable and experienced experts who are on TikTok, just remember to do your research before undertaking any trends, don’t listen to everyone you see online, and take everything you see with a pinch of salt!

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