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What is a Skin Fade? Everything to Know

As a man, your haircut should add some manliness, sophistication, and class to your looks. After all, research also confirms that a man’s choice of hairstyle could reveal a lot about his personality. However, it takes much effort and intentionality to look admirably appealing. This applies even whether you’re opting for a simple haircut or opting for flash-in-the-pan hairstyles. This is why a lot of men prefer fixing a Skin Fade to achieve a manly, trendy, and classy look effortlessly.

And in today’s post, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Skin Fade.

What is a Skin Fade?

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Photo by sen.shy.barber on Instagram

Just as the name implies, a skin fade is a type of men’s haircut where the top hair gradually fades towards the bottom of the nape (the skin around the neckline). Here, the shorter hair on both the sides and back of the head blends with the longer hair on the top of the head. In some cases, the skin at the neckline — below the sides of the head — is cut intensely short. Sometimes it is shaved to a grade zero, such that there is a clear contrast between the top and bottom of the head.

Trendy Skin Fade Hairstyles

1. Low Skin Fade

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A low skin fade keeps the bottom side of the head (the area closely above the neck) as clean and short as possible. This area could be a skin-cut (as the faded area), then gets longer as it raises aloft. You could either leave the hair atop the head short or much longer to establish more contrast.

2. Curly Skin Fade

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For men with curly hair who want a Skin Fade haircut, it is not difficult to retain that texture. Simply taper the sides and back hair to fade dramatically to the skin and leave the curly top as is.

3. High Skin Fade

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Photo by nunez.the.barber on Instagram

Opt for a high skin fade if you want to create a sharp contrast between the top and the sides of your head. Creating this sharp look leaves your hair high up, while the sides are vehemently shaved.

4. Buzz Skin Fade

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Photo by zoldyckbarber on Instagram

Buzz cuts are most likely the simplest haircuts that anyone can fix. It is named after the clippers’ noise when navigating the ear sides. A buzz cut is a low-profile haircut featuring uniform hair length all over the head. It is often paired with a Skin Fade and line-ups to look trendy and edgy.

5. Pompadour With Skin Fade

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Photo by vit_barber_ on Instagram

Also known as the classic James Dean-inspired style, Pompadour with Skin makes the face look more revealing. The hair atop the head is swept up to the back and is then complimented by fades.

Getting the Skin Fade Look

Now, you’re probably pumped up to get a Skin Fade haircut. But the big question is, how do you recreate this look?

To start with, you need heavy-duty clippers, a mirror, razor, comb, t-liner clippers, and a small fading brush to fix this haircut. With these tools in place, follow the steps below to trim for a Skin Fade:

  1. Determine your fade’s height by establishing a zero line at your temple for a High Fade, or aloft your sideburns for a Low Fade.
  2. Start cutting upward from below your hairline.
  3. Establish a 0.5 line just above the zero line.
  4. Alter the 0 guard into a 0.25, by adjusting the lever so it stays between 0 and 0.5. This will blend the 0 out into the 0.5.
  5. Above the 0.5, establish another 1 guard line. Use a 0.5 to blend into the line.
  6. Blend with either a 2 or 3 guard into the rest of your hair.
  7. Finally, alter a 1 guard into a 1.5 guard by adjusting the lever. This will blend the 1 into the 2 or 3.

And that’s a wrap.


Getting a skin fade haircut means you will need to visit your barber regularly to ensure a well-blended haircut. Plus, you could get recommendations on the right hair products to keep your hair looking fresh and classic. On the other hand, kindly visit our home page for more hairstyle updates.

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