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Viva Cannes Episode 2: There’s More To Cannes Than the Carpet

The VIVA GLAM Team is Back Showing You More Amazing Sights from Cannes

Welcome back to Viva Cannes. The VIVA GLAM Team spent today with host Rebecca Grant finding and showcasing the glamorous historical side of Cannes. We began our day climbing the steps of a gorgeous backstreet up to the Musee de la Castre. Then, we faced more steps up to the tower of this historic barracks. The Musee de la Castre, its impressive tower, and its neighboring church all sit within the walls of an old monastery that has long since been gone. We were so impressed with these massive structures.

The top of the tower on the grounds had us blown away by the amazing sights to see from up there. You can see miles of the French countryside, the French alps, the Palais de Festival for Cannes Film Festival, and the gorgeous yachts.

Down in the museum, we learned all about Baron Tinco Lucklama, one of the first Dutch orientalists. His expeditions into the Eastern world fascinated him, and today the museum showcases his findings. Perhaps the most interesting part about him was his love of music. His collection of exotic instruments is incredibly impressive. The team at the Musee de la Castre were welcoming and excited to show us Tinco’s charming history.

We thought it was interesting how luxurious and extravagant Baron Tinco Lucklama was. He definitely showcased some old-fashioned glam.

After seeing what the museum had to offer, we stopped and took in the beauty of “Our Lady of Hope” church, named after one of the fisherman’s favorite saints. The Italian-Renaissance inspired architecture of the cathedral is breathtaking, and the wood paneling in the church dates back to the 14th century. We were happy to see such a historical site so close to the Cannes Film Festival.

Tune in tomorrow to see more charming history from Cannes on the enchanting Isle Saint Marguerite.

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