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The Minimally Neon Makeup Trend Is The Safest Way To Wear Bright Hues

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It seems that neon hues are everywhere. From fashion collections to bold dye jobs, to rainbow makeup looks, it’s all about bright colors in the past few years. But what if you don’t feel comfortable covering your lids in acid green or Barbie pink? The minimally neon makeup trend is the fresh way to wear these daring shades without taking major risks. If you’ve been tempted to experiment with clashing colors, this is the time to start small and slowly build your confidence. Check out how you can incorporate neon hues in your makeup routine without messing things up.

minimally neon makeup trend is the safest way to wear bright hues
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Photo By @glowbychloegibbons/Instagram

As the name implies, the minimally neon makeup trend is about adding pops of color, without making them the stars of the show. You should pick one area and accent it with a neon shade of your choice.

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