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The Pros and Cons of Using a Cleansing Oil

Removing your makeup is non-negotiable. No matter how busy or exhausted you are, what comes on must come off! While the act itself is a must, there’s no clear rules dictating the choice of method. There are tons of makeup remover options on the market: cleansing oil, makeup wipes, cleansing balms etc. Our personal weapon of choice has to be cleansing oil.

The Infamous Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils have been around for decades. Whether in the form of simply using coconut oil or the more advanced formulas sold at Sephora, the method has been loved for ages mostly for its efficacy. Nothing seems to quite break makeup down like the beloved cleansing oils.

At the same time, people popularly steer clear of cleansing oil. There are countless reasons, mostly people worry about how their skin will react to it. Well, if you’ve been pondering the transition from your favorite makeup removal method to cleansing oil– we’re here to save you some research and break it all down.



  • Cleansing oil is arguably the fastest makeup removal method. The oily texture completely melts and breaks down the makeup on your face. Oils are known to break up even the most stubborn of makeup formulas.
  • It can get tricky if you have oily skin. We’re all for using oils even if you have oily skin, but using a cleansing oil is a little different. Your skin can overload and you can be left with a slippery mess that’s just hard to deal with.
  • It is definitely ideal if you regularly use waterproof makeup. Waterproof makeup can take hours to remove with any typical makeup remover. If you use any cleansing oil, you’re guaranteed a quick and efficient removal.
  • Oh, and since we’re on the topic of a slippery mess. Using a cleansing oil can be pretty difficult. Oils are much harder to wash off than a typical cleanser. You’ll be left having to rub at your skin with water repeatedly or end up using a wet towel to wipe off the oil!
  • Some makeup removal methods are known to be very stripping. They leave your skin feeling tight and drier than usual. With cleansing oil your skin is always left feeling softer than before and hydrated- especially if you use a higher quality brand!
  • Cleansing oils are also very prone to breaking people out. It depends on your skin type and the oils included in your product of choice. However, it is a stereotypical product that is known to usher in pimples if your skin is prone to breaking out!
  • When using a cleansing oil, the process itself is much more soothing.Rubbing an oil onto your skin using your fingers is infinitely softer than rubbing a rough makeup wipe around!
  • If you’re using a cleansing oil, you have to remember to protect your skin! Especially if you’re using one in the morning, there’s always the concern that there’s some residual oil on your skin. If there is and you head out, you’re more prone to getting a sunburn or hyperpigmentation!
  • Speaking of the process; using an oil is actually anti-aging! Tugging and pulling at your skin only further ages it and increases your chances of wrinkles. Oils are much more delicate and gentle to use!
  • Your skin may feel amazing right after cleansing, but a lot of people report struggling the morning after. People have noticed that their skin can often feel tough or bumpy in certain areas!



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