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Want To Look Like Kendall Jenner?  Follow these Beauty Tips

Contrary to what others might be thinking, Kendall Jenner does not completely follow the rules of the Kardashian family, especially when it comes to her beauty routine!

The top model’s older sisters went to a prestigious beauty school that their dad sent them so that when they started to put on makeup they would not look like the typical teenagers who have no idea what they do when they get all glammed up.

“Kylie begs me to let her do my makeup, but her style is not very similar to mine, I do not use her lip kits as much as my favorite lipstick,” Kendall said in an interview.

Despite being less risky than her famous sister, she knows what to do to capture the attention in the red carpet. Here are some beauty tips that you can follow to look more like Kendall Jenner, so take note!

Look as Natural as You Can

At first, Kendall was a fan of the black shadow, since it was her favorite look for almost six years, but one day one of her makeup artists shared with her a classic piece of advice: “Less is more.” So, take this to heart and start to embrace your natural tones and play with them.

A Simple Trick to Take Care of Your Face

The famous supermodel shares an important beauty secret: In the morning and in the evening wash your face with the help of a mild cleanser. Learn about what’s right you’re your own skin, if you apply different products, it will be confusing to know what’s actually working and what could be harming your skin, especially if it’s very sensitive like Kendall’s, so protect your face using every day sunscreen. Never leave home without it!

The Main Rule Before Sleep

Don’t go to bed without having cleaned your face. The fashionista is so obsessed with this that she won’t even let her friends break this rule.

The Best Kendall Jenner Beauty Tip for Hair Care?

Always wash it before going to sleep and go to bed while it’s wet. When you wake up, it will have a voluminous look that you’ll love.

The Best Fragrance is…

Go for something natural, like the smell of vanilla. The beauty mogul has also shared on social media that she doesn’t just apply a little on her wrists, instead, you should splash it on your body so that it’ll last much more.


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