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The Newest Bridal Makeup Trends 2022: What are They and How Can You Wear Them?

Choosing the right bridal makeup look is a great opportunity for you to add your style and personality. The good news is that numerous wedding makeup trends can inspire you to create a look that will show your natural beauty. From there, you and your makeup artist can work as a team so that you will look your best during the big day. So, what are the bridal makeup trends for 2022?

1. Minimalist Looks

Since the pandemic started, many women went makeup-free. For this reason, the use of minimal cosmetic products has become a popular trend. In fact, more and more women are now embracing their natural beauty instead of concealing their imperfections. The minimalist look has also become the go-to look of a lot of brides because weddings have become more intimate these recent years.

This year, it is expected that the minimalist look will still be a popular choice for a lot of brides. To create this look, you can start with a flawless base. From there, you can apply a little bit of blush to your cheeks. For gorgeous eyes, you can wear eyeliner and shimmering eyeshadow. Then, you can enhance the look with mascara. To complete your minimalist, you can apply light pink lipstick.

2. Dewy Fresh Look

One of the most popular bridal makeup trends for 2022 is the dewy skin. The reason is that more and more brides want to look fresh and young during their big day. For this reason, they opt for a dewy finish instead of an overtly matte look.

Unfortunately, the dewy fresh look can be challenging to create. Keep in mind that factors like skin type, texture, and climate can affect the outcome of this look. Even so, a skillful makeup artist will be able to choose the right primer and foundation to create a fresh and dewy finish. Remember, the key to this makeup trend is to appear natural, fresh, and youthful.

3. Pink Lips

The last on this list of bridal makeup trends for 2022 is pink lips. As you know, spring is a popular season for couples to tie the knot, and pink is the perfect color for spring. Plus, pink lips will never go out of style, and they can complement your wedding gown, no matter its style and color.

As you know, there are various shades of pink. If you’re going for a minimalist look, you can opt for a nude or a lighter shade of pink. Fuchsia, magenta, and rose are also great choices if you want to go for a darker hue.


Classy Bridal Makeup Looks For The Minimalist Bride

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