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How to Rock Edgy Glam in 2021

As we coast through 2021, it’s safe to say that our beauty trends are getting bolder and bolder. With bright colors, money pieces, and Instagram makeup still on trend, we seem to be shying away from the safer, more neutral choices. That being said, edgy glam is in, and we’re here to tell you how to master the edgy glam look in 2021.

Dewey Makeup

Like with many makeup looks, a glowing foundation is key. To master your edgy glam look, it’s important to have a dewy foundation so your skin is left glowing. Glowing skin is key to any glam look, even the edgy glam.

Haircut and Color by Ashlee Norman / Hair Color by Anthony Montoya / Makeup by MUYvette / Model: Malorie Mackey

Accentuated Eyes

An edgy glam look is not complete without accentuated eyes. Lining your eyes with a solid black or dark brown color really turns your look from soft glam to edgy glam quickly. So, be sure to pick a dark color that matches your eye color well. For blue eyes, a nice plain black always makes your eyes pop!

A Killer Haircut with Layers

A healthy hair cut with fresh, strategic layers is a crucial part of having a killer look. And the right layers will surely turn your look edgy very quickly. However, a blowout will add to this, too. You can get inspired by the 90’s blowout, as that’s in again! And a 90’s blowout can quickly turn your edgy layers into an edgy glam masterpiece.

A Bright, Edgy Hair Color

Any edgy glam look is not complete without bright hair that really stands out. A classic staple of edge is definitely pure red. However, think about going a little more coral with your red to give a revamp to the classic red. And don’t forget that the money piece is in! So, be sure to keep that in mind. A money piece is the perfect edition to turn your look into an unforgettable edgy glam look.

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