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The Inverted Hair Color Trend Will Give You a Bold Look Sans the Commitment

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With all the dramatic hair colors you see on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s more tempting than ever to book in the salon for a vibrant dye job. However, these hair colors come with a huge commitment. You’ll have to visit the salon more often, possibly bleach your hair to achieve the desired result and use an array of products to preserve the color for longer. What if we tell you that there’s a new hair color trend that can give you a bold look without the commitment? In case you missed it on your Instagram feed, the inverted hair color trend is a low-maintenance way to rock vibrant dye jobs. If you are intrigued to find out more, scroll down to discover all the details about this cool hair color trend.

inverted hair color trend peekaboo hair
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Photo By @chelseabreana/Instagram

The inverted hair color trend, also known as peekaboo highlights involves adding color accents hidden under the top layers of hair. To achieve a statement look, you need to opt for a vibrant pop of color.

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