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Your Dark Side Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Don’t get us wrong – we love praising zodiac signs for their good traits. But in uncertain times like the corona outbreak, it’s essential to be aware of your dark side based on your zodiac sign. Why? These traits are not only what makes you annoying to other people, but it’s also what sets you back personally. Knowing your dark side will help you become aware of it and detox and prime your mind for growth. Excuse us while we candidly point at your worst traits – we genuinely hope you’ll use this knowledge to shine your light the brightest.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Impatience and Anger

your dark side based on your zodiac sign - aries
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Photo Source: Pixabay

Colored in bright red, your dark side based on your zodiac sign is showing impatience and anger mostly because you want things done ASAP. You also have a preference for how things should get done which automatically makes you extremely angry when someone doesn’t follow your pattern.

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