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The Essentials Every Woman Should Have to Strut into Fall Like a Pro

It’s hard to believe it, but fall is already almost upon us. Whether we are ready for it or not, we should gather our essentials and prepare ourselves for the cooler weather ahead. While fall trends come and go, these favorites of ours below are timeless and will stay in style throughout all the seasons to come.

Aveline Starter Kit

Whether you are wearing your finest skirt or fall boots, it’s imperative that your legs are silky and smooth if that’s the style you’re going for. That’s where Aveline comes in. Their starter kit includes their razor, one 6-blade cartridge, one salt & sugar body scrub, one shea butter shave cream, and one botanical body lotion. They are easily labelled by steps 1-3, so you know the order to use the product to get the perfect smoothness. I have to say, I’ve always had issues with the sensitive skin on my legs. I can’t put normal lotion on them without my legs burning or itching. I could actually use this whole kit with no problems! I started with the scrub, then the shave cream and razor, followed by the lotion. And my legs felt so silky afterwards! Plus, this is the coolest little razor that is perfect for travel. It has an easy fingertip design and gliding rollers that allow for nick-free shaving all across your body. This is definitely an essential for your trips, as well as a great kit to have at home. And it’s very affordable!

Rahua Defining Hair Spray

Good hairspray is always an essential, especially in the fall months where the air begins to get more static-y on its journey into winter. But we all know how terrible aerosol is for the environment. Luckily, we have Rahua Defining Hair Spray. This hairspray is incredible because it is 98% natural plant-based and non-aerosol, and the results are long-lasting. The standard ingredients include organic sugarcane, organic aloe, and green tea- all things that are super healthy for your hair.

Voodism Vegan Belts

Fall fashion wouldn’t be complete without layered looks, and a good vegan belt is essential to a layered look. Voodism is launching an Indigogo campaign featuring a new line of vegan belts that you have to check out. They are classy and elegant, reversible (so you can choose from two colors), and sized to hang on either the waist or the hips, making them truly versatile for your fall looks. The interior support is FSC certified cork held together with 100% plan-based glue, and the design’s Italian-made brass buckle is removable! Be sure to support their Indiegogo and get your own belt today!


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