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How to Look Younger

Beauty Tips to Looking Youthful

Whether you are chasing youth or not, I think you will appreciate looking younger than your age. We all have this certain “image” of what each age should look like in our minds, although there is no universal truth of what you should look like at every age. That being said, we all appreciate getting compliments from those around us when they can’t believe how old we are. Over the years, as I got into my 40’s, I determined the key factors that will make every woman look younger.

It All Starts with the Skin

It’s very true that the more flawless your skin is, the more youthful you will look. In my opinion, the key factors to slowing aging skin are nutrients and skincare. As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. That applies to your skin, too. It is a manifestation of the type of foods you put in your body. In a nutshell, if you eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are full of colors and water, as a result, you skin will naturally be more plump with a healthy color. If you eat dehydrated and fried foods, such as meat, your skin will most-likely lack moisture. Skin rejuvenates from inside, meaning your blood vessels supply your skin with the nutrients that you eat. It’s that simple. I think this has more impact than just drinking water. Just drinking water will flush out your vitamins and toxins.

In my opinion, skincare should be nothing but hydrating. No anti-wrinkle agents should be in the cream, and I think that anything added in is unnecessary. The reason why I think this is because I did a test on myself. For 20 years, I would be applying cream on specific areas of my body and would always skip the same area and never applied cream on that part of myself. The results after 20 years was exactly the same as everywhere else. There’s no difference, which tells me that it’s all more or less controlled by the food we eat. That being said, I think what you put on top of your face should be a cream that is comforting to your skin to keep it moist. So, the next time you look for new skincare, look for labels that say something along the lines of “maximum moisture” or “24 hour hydration” without any “anti-wrinkle” text.

Full Hair

When we are kids, we run around freely with our hair down because we are free-spirited. As we get older, we tend to become more up-tight, and our hair starts to lose its shine. For many, it becomes thinner. Having a beautiful, healthy mane that naturally flows around your face will enhance your young spirit, and you’ll be perceived as more youthful. The ombre look is a great, youthful look. The roots should be as close as possible to your natural hair color. You can always use clip in hair extensions to add length and volume and to create an overall fuller look. Stay away from getting your hair over processed, and condition your hair often.

Good Makeup

Good makeup can remove 10-15 years off of your face. Since everyone is different, it is hard to go into too many details. However, a few rules apply across the board. Use contouring and highlighting to pull your features up. Give your eyes a little cat-eye look, pulling up your eye features. As your lips start to droop, draw your lip corners a little upwards. When it comes to lips, be sure to frame them with a nice lipliner or liquid lipstick. Ideally, you want to use a “dusty-rose” shade, which is the closest to your natural lip color, and never go for anything too pale.


Adding light, whispy, human-hair lash strips will remove a few years off of your look because it will open up your eyes like a doll, which is one of the keys to looking youthful. Do not underestimate the lashes. It is really a must as long as you use the right kind! I don’t recommend the eyelash extensions because you don’t have the control over shaping your eye more youthfully. The eyelash extensions only frame your natural shape and if your eyes are already droopy, the lashes will only accentuate that shape.

Casual Style

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When it comes to wardrobe, the more simple the better. There is something about looks that are too sophisticated that can make a woman look older. So, lose those “stiff” pieces, and replace them with something that naturally flows on your body and shows your decolletage so your hair can flow freely to execute the free-spirit persona.

Perception of Yourself

You will never look youthful if you look into the mirror everyday and criticize everything that you don’t like about yourself. Instead, every morning, when you head into the bathroom to wash your face, put your hands on your face and say, “Thank you.” Express gratitude for being you. As you apply your skincare, really connect with your skin. Feel the warmth and the beautiful energy of it as it’s regenerating. Give it some love so it loves you back.

Bonus Tip:

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Now, here’s my secret little tip that might help you, too. I have a garden statue of Hebe, the Greek Goddess of youth, in my glamour garden. She is youthful, timeless, and doesn’t age because, of course, she’s a statue. She is my mirror reflection every day to see that I am youthful.


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