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6 Simple Go-to Hairstyles for the Summer Heat

In hot weather, having long and heavy hair that sticks to your back, shoulders, and cleavage isn’t hot. It’s simply unbearable. Even the most flirtatious of us sometimes feel an irresistible urge to remove those beautiful yet annoying locks ASAP. But if chopping off your tresses is not on your agenda, it’s time to consider our collection of summer hairstyles! We’ve picked a few simple yet cute updos to help you get through the summertime heat. Look no further for another hairstyle website, let’s have a little fun trying out some new ideas!


We start with the most summery hairstyle that offers everything you need to avoid overheating: hair perfectly tucked away and organized in a sleek or messy pattern. There are countless ways to have fun with a braid: from tying it with a cute colorful ribbon to Fishtail Braid to Double Dutch Braided Bun.


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To get some ballerina lightness during the hot summer days, do your hair in a bun. Make a playful, childish high bun or an elegant low bun using simple tools like hairpins, scrunchies, or even a light scarf. Depending on your mood, you can try one of those lazy-morning bun hairstyles or go creative with either a Dutch Braid High Bun or Triple-Dutch Braids High Bun.


The best friend of many girls (and some boys too) in summer, the topknot requires just a little effort. And voila – every last strand of mischievous hair is packed in a cute, stylish knot of control. Girls who don’t want to look masculine with the topknot should add some romantic touch to it like in a French Braid Topknot or Messy Topknot.


Ponytails can be made in hundreds of ways, so you can always enjoy the practicality of it without compromising your style. Instead of doing your hair in a dull traditional ponytail, try to spice things up with these creative variations: charming Triple Topsy Ponytail, sleek Wrapped Ponytail, or playful Double-Duty Ponytail. You could also tie your favorite light scarf around the hair tie to show the world that you are ready for more!


If you want to leave your long hair while preventing it from getting in your face, master the half-up hairstyle that has dozens of variations, such as Braided Half-Up, Half-up Bun, Half-Up Fishtail Braid, or an easy Half-Up Criss-Cross.

French twist

What can be more elegant for a hot summer than a French twist? Some girls tend to hesitate when it comes to this comfortable hairstyle because of its slightly outdated look. But you know what? You don’t have to look exactly like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The secret of making a perfect summery French twist is in keeping it loose. A slight mess adds this irresistible charm to a French twist. And you only need a few hairpins and hairspray to fix your hair.

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