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9 Seductive Blue Makeup Looks To Try This Fall

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The makeup game has become brighter lately, much brighter. However, no matter how comfortable we are getting with color, cool tones are still one of the most intimidating shades to play with. They might end up looking undeniably unnatural on the skin. Blue is among the shades that you probably don’t reach for very often. However, this gorgeous shade looks flattering on any eye color and skin tone. On top of that, there are so many creative ways to incorporate blue into your routine. We sourced nine of the most seductive blue makeup looks you need to try this fall.

blue makeup looks for fall
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Photo By @nikki_makeup/Instagram

We are obsessed with bright colors this season in every department from fashion to hair and makeup. This pastel blue makeup look comes as a response to our continuous desire to fill our fall days with color. The look is pretty simple to achieve – apply a pale blue eyeshadow all over the lids and define your crease with a few tones darker shade.

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