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How Often Do Bras Need to Be Washed? A Step-by-Step Guide for Taking Care of Your Intimates

As women, we know about the many types of bras and the purpose they each serve. But does the style of bra determine how you should care for it? Bralette, bandeau, push-up, t-shirt, strapless, and the list goes on. The consensus on how often to wash your bras has to do more with what you’re wearing them for than the style. While some people say you should wash your bra after each wear, what really matters is what you were doing during that “wear”. If you work out in your bra, then a wash is necessary following that wear.

When to Wash

You know your body best, and you can make the decision on when is the right time to wash your bra. Being sure to cycle through your bras and clean them regularly not only keeps them in their best condition for longer, but it can also save your skin from rashes and infections. Now that we know when the right time to wash our intimates is, how do we keep them clean while also preserving their quality? If we should consider all intimates to be delicates, then how do we treat them as such?

How to Wash

If you’re going to use the washer, all bras should be placed inside a mesh laundry bag when being washed in a load of laundry and only washed on gentle cycles. This is especially important for more delicate items like bralettes and lace panties. Soma is a women-owned and created intimates brand that is size-inclusive that makes its products with style and comfort in mind. Their bralettes are wire-free and come in many different styles and colors so any woman can find a bralette that makes her feel sexy. Soma also sells lingerie wash bags and a specially formulated soap that is gentle on your intimates.

Soma’s unlined bralettes are some of their bestsellers, and they offer free shipping and delivery on any of their items—excluding clearance merchandise. They also have online-exclusive promotions on their bras and panties for a limited time. Right now, if you buy one bralette at regular price you get another for 50% off. They also have promotions on their different styles of panties. So you can get those bralette tops you’ve been wanting and a matching panty set!

How to Handle Delicately

Bralettes and lace need special care for washing and drying. The dryer can potentially be damaging to any intimates, so for something like lace bralette or an unlined bralette you want to keep the dryer load small to shorten the dry time. Another way to reduce the dry time for a load of laundry is by using reusable dryer balls. Wool dryer balls work in place of regular dryer sheets by pulling out the moisture and reducing static cling.

Tru Earth is an eco-friendly brand that makes natural laundry products and other sustainable living accessories. With a set of dryer balls from Tru Earth, you can tumble dry your delicates with warm air instead of hot air, helping them keep their shape and reducing the risk of damaging the fabric. This way you can gently dry your intimates quickly all while cutting harmful chemicals and toxins out of your laundry routine and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Using wool dryer balls with a drop of essential oils can do all the work of traditional dryer sheets and more. The essential oil takes the place of perfumes and fragrance that can irritate your skin, while still leaving your laundry with a fresh scent after the drying cycle. Regular dryer sheets contain synthetics and other irritants that can be harmful to babies and people with sensitive skin. Tru Earth’s wool dryer balls are made with 100% natural wool yarn so they are safe for your clothes dryer, your skin, and the environment. Wool dryer balls are also known to be a natural fabric softener, meaning no need for liquid fabric softeners, which saves you money and cuts out even more harmful chemicals.

Now that you have all the tips and tools you need to extend the life of your intimates, you can keep them fresh and clean while saving your skin and your wallet—and even the environment too.

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