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The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

So many of us are guilty of this- we head out into the sun without protecting our skin. Perhaps the sun just isn’t too strong today. Perhaps it isn’t very hot. Perhaps it’s a cloudy day. Whatever the reason, this is a bad mistake that can cost us our health. It’s always important to wear sunscreen at any time, especially during the hot summer months. Even if we aren’t at risk of getting sunburn, the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause lasting damage. Here’s why you need to wear sunscreen (or makeup with SPF in it) at all times.

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can both cause Melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Aside from this, UVA rays can actually penetrate through glass, so you are not safe from them even if you are inside of your car driving. UVA rays can get you anywhere there is sunlight shining through to your skin, so please take precautions to protect yourself. As mentioned above, cloudy days are extremely dangerous, as 80% of the sun’s rays can penetrate the clouds. They will not act as a shield to help you.

UVA rays also cause premature wrinkles and fine lines, providing you with another important reason to wear sunscreen at any given moment. UV rays damage skin’s collagen and elastin, which are both needed to keep youthful skin.

Be aware of your surroundings, as well. Sand, snow, water, and other reflective surfaces can reflect the rays back onto your skin from beside or below you, making the sun’s rays stronger and therefore harsher against your skin.

When applying sunscreen, be sure to put it on evenly, as this will help keep your skin tone even-more even than if you were not wearing sunscreen, as it prevents sunspots.

Be sure to apply sunscreen to areas that you don’t always think about needing it- the tops of your feet if you’re in sandals, the tips of your ears, and other hard-to-reach places.

In the end, this may seem like common sense. But wearing sunscreen is so important that it is always worth the reminder. Most people think that the effects of the sun can’t be that bad for you, but they couldn’t be more wrong. After years of avoiding protecting your skin, the effects really will catch up with you. So, be alert, always wear makeup with SPF, and be sure to keep sunscreen in your purse or car at all time.


Putting The Squeeze on Sunscreens

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