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Which Mascara Wand is Best for Your Eye Shape?

Mascara really can complete any look. It’s a necessary step for any makeup application. Whether you’re a simple 5-minute-routine kind of girl or guy or a full-glam person- mascara is essential. Mascara also seems to be the most hoarded makeup item out there. There are hundreds and thousands of them on the market, and we always find ourselves buying the next big mascara release. But perhaps before buying into the PR agenda, we should step back and figure out the best mascara for ourselves, personally.

The Goldilocks of Mascara Wands

You have brush bristles or plastic bristles. You have large, rounded brushes or skinny, long brushes. We could really go on forever. The truth is there are just too many variations on the market. We’ve all tried so many different mascara wands, and the results seem different every time. Well, if you just took a second to figure out the best mascara wand for your eye shape, maybe you’d save yourself a lot of time and money. Finally, you can only stick to buying those mascaras that you know will work for you.

Every eye shape requires a different kind of finish. You either want your lashes to fan out or you want more volume or length. That’s why figuring out the perfect wand shape for you is the first step to guaranteeing every mascara you buy works for you! Here are some of your contenders.

The Tapered Wand

Tapered mascara wands are the classic of all mascaras, of course. The majority of mascara releases do tend to feature this tapered effect. Tapered simply meaning that the brush is wider and rounder along the base and tapers off into a fine tip.

This wand generally serves the purpose of making it easier for you to reach smaller lashes towards the inner corner of your eye as well as targeting your outer edge lashes. This kind of wand will achieve a cat-eye effect where your lashes fan out at the outer edge.

The tapered wand is definitely suited for most people, but it’s generally ideal for those with rounder eye shapes. The tapered effect will help widen your eyes and give them more length rather than emphasizing the roundness!

The Rubber Wand

Typically, mascara wands will either feature rubber/plastic wands or brush bristles. The results may differ, but generally it is found that rubber wands really coat your lashes intensely and can leave you with the blackest of black finishes.

Now, almond eyes are definitely the luckiest of the bunch. They have so much freedom to play around with makeup, and most of us find ourselves trying to make our eyes appear more almond shaped! So, you can imagine that they have the pick of the lot.

However, if you have almond eyes, then rubber wands tend to work best for your specifically. They really thoroughly coat each individual lashes and will only further enhance your almond shape! Lucky you!

The Wide Center

We had the tapered wand, but what about that mascara wand that seems to taper on either end? You know, those super rounded brushes with a thick center and two tapered ends. These are called “Wide Center Wands”. The wide-centered mascara wand is your go-to if you’re looking for a lifting effect.

This wand type is going to pump up the volume right at the center of your lashes and do less work on your inner and outer lashes. Not only does this give your eyes more of a rounded effect, it also uplifts them and leaves you looking wider awake.

If we haven’t made it obvious by now, this wand is the perfect pick for down-turned eyes! You’ll get the lift you need to brighten your eyes and stop them from looking sad or droopy!


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