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Stay And Play At Home: Tricks To Make The Most Out Of The Pandemic

During these tough times, every family is taking an extra step to keep their loved ones safe. Most families are following the strict rules and protocols of home quarantine, ensuring each precautionary measure is taken and staying vigilant. But on top of it all, everyone is making sure that they are safe and far from danger. 

The sound of staying at home might be boring for others, but for some, it can be an opportunity to learn new things and improve their crafts. Others get to discover new ways to entertain themselves amidst the pandemic and break the tension of how COVID-19 affects everyone by adapting to this unique sense of normalcy. 

Stay and Play at home during this pandemic

It might be tough, especially during these times where the pandemic scares everyone. But when everyone tries their best, there are ways to beat the fear and look at the positive side the pandemic has brought to the world. 

The company Google launched a campaign through Google Play that urges everyone to stay indoors and play at home, whether an online game or any indoor games. They have amplified their platform to be used positively during these tough times, creating interactive doodles for their users. 

With this, it is expected that many online games will increase attention during these times. Beginners in online plays do have a broad option of various games suited to their taste, such as fantasy sports games, MMORPG, and strategy games. If these games are too complicated, old and simple games like cards and word games are also available online.

On the other hand, many families encourage their children to be productive by learning several chores, getting industrious, and urging them to harness their skills. Others enjoy singing sessions at their balcony and getting entertained with simple family-limited gatherings. 

It is then a proof that even amidst the trials brought by the pandemic, there is a window of joy in our humble abodes. Busy and working parents get to spend time with their children and bond. The pandemic might have brought fear, but there are also several blessings in disguise that come with it. 

Play funny games with family and friends 

With the strict implementation of protocols and how the government encourages everyone to stay indoors, people are getting creative when it comes to looking for new ways to entertain themselves. 

If you are not fond of online games, the good thing is that old school indoor games still exist and are always entertaining. You can play the “Never Have I Ever” game, which is popularly known for its humor. The game is set with a list of hilarious questions that gets everyone curious and excited at the same time. 

This funny game can be played with any family members, and thanks to the internet and social media, you can even invite your friends to play the game with you. No need to go outside as you can still spend time and play with your friends at the safety of your homes. 

Video chat online works best

Millions of people are getting stuck indoors, leaving tons of company-starved Millenials and party-animal Generation Z teenagers hungry for entertainment. Thankfully, the development of various video chat applications is getting a spike making sure that these types of users are equipped with the technology they need during these times. 

Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zoom, and the latest video chat application, Houseparty is entertaining these young generations. With these, interactions are possible even if your friend is on the other side of the globe.

It just gets better as these video chat applications not only connect these young ones but also allows socializing even though it is done virtually. Everyone can enjoy watching each other sipping their favorite wines, talking and laughing at their jokes, and playing indoor games via a video call. 

Social media platform advantages 

Social media and the internet have many advantages, and everyone is looking forward to how they can benefit from it. It started as a  common ground for communication and has eventually become a platform for entertainment as well. 

Furthermore, social media platforms now feature online games that can entertain users of all ages. Thanks to the never-ending development of technology, we can still socialize and get to do things together online, even with the fact that we are physically apart. 


It is tough that the world and the community are stuck in a four-cornered room, but if we try to look at a positive perspective, we will see that there’s more to it than just being stuck at home. Other than we can help in flattening the curve in spreading the virus, we get to spend time with our loved ones more than we did before. Fortunately, being stuck is not a bad thing. With a little creativity and interest, we can get through these difficult times.

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